Shopeju, J.O: Courses Taught

Courses taught include: at UNAAB

· Introduction to Social Problems: GNS 103 – New

· Advanced Rural Sociology – Post Graduate Course: ARD 701

· Sociology of Development: GNS 103 – Old

· Introduction to Nigerian History and Social Structure: GNS 102 – Old

· Introduction to Rural Development: ARD 201

· Introduction to Family Relations: HSM 204

· Family Dynamics and Change: HSM 413

· Sociology of Development – PG Course: PCS 605

· Research Strategy and Methods –PG Course COM 701

· Sociology of Communication – PG Course COM 715

At Bells Univ. of Technology

· Culture and the People of Nigeria GES 103

· Culture and Civilization GES 102



· Ojo, David A. Ph. D. Microbiology

· Isiaka, Babalola T. Ph. D. Agric. Extension/Communication

· Edegbai, Mary M. Sc. Home Science and Management

· “An Assessment of Video Tape Recording as an Instructional Media in Teaching Agricultural Science: A Case Study of Lagos State Secondary Schools”. M. Agricultural Communication by Isiaka, Babalola T.

· “Use of Beads and Sequins as Adornment on Traditional and Contemporary Yoruba Costumes: Case Study of Ondo State Indigenes”. M.Sc. Clothing and Textiles by Falana, Mary Y.

· “An Assessment of the Effects of the Civil War on Farming Activities in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone”. M. Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development by Johnson, Jeremy


· “Influence of family Planning on Agricultural Productivity. A case Study of Abeokuta North Local government” by Alao, A. O.

· “Occupational Aspiration of students: A Case Study of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta students’ Feelings towards a career choice in Agriculture” – by Ohaeri, Chase.

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