Shopeju, J.O: publications


(1) M. A. Thesis: “The Social Control of Mental Illness in Nigeria.” University of

Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA. 1983.

(2) Ph.D. Thesis: “Implementation of Citizenship Educational Goal In Secondary Schools in Ogun State, Nigeria.” University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA. 1987.

BOOKS (under preparation)

(1) Criminal Law in Action: The Nigerian Perspective.

(2) Prevention of Crime: Advantages, Problems and Solutions


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Papers in Referred Conference Proceedings:

(23) Idowu, I. A. and Shopeju, J. O. (1992): Interpersonal Relationship Skill Training: A Team Approach.” In the Edited and Referred Conference Proceedings of Workshop on Strategies for Mobilizing rural women for Economic Development: the Nigeria Example, UNAAB, Conference Proceeding No. 4 pp. 83 – 92. Edited by N. O. Adedipe and C. A. Afolami

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*(28) Apantaku, S. O.; Onifade, T.O.; Shopeju, J. O. (2009): Radio Farm Broadcast schedule and Farmers’ Agricultural Information Seeking Habit. Proceedings of paper presented at e-learning Africa Conference. Dakar. May 27-29.


(28) Shopeju, J. O. (2002): “Perspective on Sustainable Democratic Governance in Nigeria in the Next Millennium.” In Perspectives on Sustainable Democratic Governance. in Nigeria in the Next Millennium. Edited By Adisa, S.A.,

Nwanyanwu, O. J. And Adetoro, R. A. Osunleti & Co: Abeokuta. pp 1-8.

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