Shopeju, J.O: Research Conducted


(a) Farmers Perception of Change Agents.

(b) Ambivalence as Sociological Explanation: The Case of Cultural Explanation of

Examination Malpractices.

(c) Sociological Interpretation of Cartoons. In Collaboration with Dr. M. M. Alimi.

(d) Victimology and Restitution

(e) Socio-Mathematical Approach to Equi-Final Probability of Stable Marriage in

collaboration with M. M. Alimi and A. A. Akinsete.

(f) Investigation of Schistomiasis in Communities in Ogun State, and the Impact of Social, Cultural, Agricultural and other Water Related Activities on the Spread of

the Disease. In Collaboration with Dr.C. F. Mafiana.

(g) Crime Modernization/Urbanization.

(h) Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools in Ogun state, Nigeria.

(i) Examination Malpractice, Re-visited.

(j) Urban and Rural Crimes.

(k) Mental Illness

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