Shotuyo, A. L. A: Publications

(i) Thesis and Dissertation:

1. Utilization of Bushmeat in Catering Industry: A case study of Ibadan City. (B.Sc. Special Project)

2. Calcium and Phosphorus requirements of the Growing African Giant Snail (Archachatina marginata Swaison) (M.Sc. Research Project)

(ii) Articles In Learned Journals:

1. Onadeko, S. A.; A. L. A. Shotuyo and A. J. Meduna (1998): Farm Wildlife Management; Observation on some Medium Sized primates and Small Mammals. Nigerian of Journal Forestry. 28(2) 66- 70. [Abstract]

2. Onadeko, S. A.; A. J. Meduna and A. L. A Shotuyo (1999): Some Indicators of the Ecological Impact of Deforestation on Wildlife Conservation in the Savanna, Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Ethno-Forestry. 1(1)71 – 80. [Abstract]

3. Onadeko, S. A.; G. N. O. Ezeri and A. L. A. Shotuyo (2000): A Survey of Wildlife Predators in Fish ponds in Some Local Government Areas in Ogun State. Aquafield.1(1) 45 -52. [Abstract]

4. Shotuyo, A. L. A.(2006): Wildlife Damage Problems in the Demonstration Farms of Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority. Ogun Journal of Agricultural Sciences.(4) 103 – 111. [Abstract]

5. Adekunle, M. F. Shotuyo, A. L. A., Momoh, S. And H. Moustapha (2006): Survey of Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs in Niger Republic. Bowen Journal of Agriculture. 3 (1) 21 – 30. [Abstract]

6. Shotuyo, A. L. A. , O. A. Akintunde and E. O. Oladoyinbo (2008): Effect of Calcium and Phosphorus in the Diet of High Forest African Giant Land Snail Archatina marginata (SWAINSON). Integrated journal of Sciences and Engineering.7(1)31 – 38. [Abstract]

(iii) Edited / Referred Confere

7. Onadeko, S.A.; E.I. Inah and A.L. A. Shotuyo (2001): Bushmaet Consumption and Biodiversity Conservation. In: Adeola, A. O., Okojie Julius and Ojo, L. O. (eds) BIODIVERSITY of the rainforest ecosystem in Nigeria. Proceeding of a Colloquium organised by FEPA- UNAAB Linkage Centre for Forest Conservation and Biodiversity. pp 247 – 263. [Abstract]

8. A.M.Gbadebo, A.L, A. Shotuyo and J. A. Adelara (2004): Impact of changes in Land Use System on Rodent population and Species Diversity: A Case Study of University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Nigeria. In F. K. Salako et al (eds) Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria December 6 – 10, 2004 University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Nigeria. [Abstract]

(iv) Papers Submitted for Publication
Amubode, F. O; A.L.A Shotuyo, and B.A. Ola-Adams: Assessment of wildlife species diversity in Omo Biosphere Reserve, Nigeria.

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