Fapojuwo, O.E: Publications

1. O.E. Obabire (1992): “Effect of Population Factors on Agricultural Production in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State.” B. Agric Dissertation, Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology, Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye.
2 O.E. Obabire (1995): “The Role of Women in Adire Production in Abeokuta Area of Ogun State” M.Sc. Dissertation, Department of Agricultural Extension Services, University of Ibadan.
3. O.E. Obabire (2007): “Cassava Processing Techniques and Household Food Security of Women Processors in Ogun State, Nigeria. Unpublished Ph.D Thesis, Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
Journal Articles:
4. S.F. Adedoyin, F.A. Adesanoye and O.E. Obabire (1995): “Influence of Population Factors on Agricultural Production: Implication for Agricultural Extension Communication in Nigeria” Journal of Technology and Education 12(142):98-107.
5. O.E. Fapojuwo, S.F. Adedoyin, A.A. Agbelemoge and A.O. Odebogun (1997): A study of the Effectives of the Linkages between Agricultural Extension and Rural Women in Ogun State Nigeria” The Nigerian Rural Sociologist 1:26-32.
6. B.O. Adefuye, A.A. Agbelemoge and O.E. Fapojuwo (1998): “Problems Associated with Research in Pilferage on Farms” The Nigerian Rural Sociologist. 1:71-81
7. S.F. Adedoyin, B.A. Adebayo and O.E. Fapojuwo (2002): “Female Children Participation in Household Security in Ijebu North Local Government Areas of Ogun State” African Journal of Farm Child and Youth Development 1(1):54-61.
8. O.A. Adeokun and O.E. Fapojuwo (2002): “Effective Participation of Women in National Development” Journal of Educational Innovation and Development 1(2): 132-139.
9. A.D. Banjo, O.A. Lawal and O.E. Fapojuwo (2003): “Farmers Perception of Horticultural Insect Pests Problems in South Western Nigeria” African Journal of Biotechnology 2(11): 434-437.

10. A.O. Olaleye, S.O.S. Akinyemi, J.O. Akinyemi, O.E. Fapojuwo, M.A. Oladoja and A.S. Onasanya (2005): “Influence of Pottasium Fertilizer on the Yield of Plantain-Melon Intercropped on an Oxic Paleustalf in South Western Nigeria.” Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis (USA) 36(17-18): xx-xxx.
11. F.O. Adereti, O.E. Fapojuwo and A.S. Onasanya (2006): “Information Utilization on Cocoa Production Techniques by Farmers in Oluyole Local Government in Oyo State, Nigeria”. European Journal of Social Sciences 3(1):1-7.
12. S.O. Akinleye, S.A. Awoniyi and O.E. Fapojuwo (2006): “Approaching Rural Development the FADAMA Way: Lessons for Local Government Councils in Nigeria.” Faman Journal 8(1): 51-57.
13. O.E Fapojuwo (2007): Gender Participation in Cassava Processing Activities in Ayetoro Area of Ogun State. Faman Journal 9(1): 27-34.
14. B.A. Senjobi; O.E. Fapojuwo; C.T. Senjobi; O.A. Odusanya; T.J. Olurinde and S.A. Ayanlaja (2007): “Effect Of Anthropogenic Practices On Water Quality: Implication On Healthy Living In Ijebu North Local Government Of Ogun State”. Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Home Management 1(1): 169-174.
15. M.A. Oladoja; O.A. Adeokun and O.E. Fapojuwo (2008): “Determining the Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Farmers Use of Communication Methods for Information Sourcing in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (PJSS) 5(1): 51-56
16. K. Adebayo, E. Fabusoro and O.E. Fapojuwo(2008): ‘Factors determining selective adoption of the cassava grater and screw press in southwest Nigeria. International journal of agricultural sciences, science, environment and technology(ASSET) 3(1): 40-51
Papers Accepted for Publication (with letters of acceptance)
16. M.A. Oladoja, O.E. Fapojuwo and A.Aderinto (2007): “Effect of Innovation of Cassava Production by Farmers in Ijebu North Local Government Area of Ogun State. Asian Journal of Crop Science (Vol 12).
17. M.A. Oladoja, O.A. Adeokun and O.E. Fapojuwo (2009): ‘Effect of Innovation Adoption on Cassava Production by Farmers in Ijebu-North Locac Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. International Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment(JFAE) 7(2).
Contributions to Books
18. S.F. Adedoyin, O.A. Morafa and O.E. Fapojuwo (1998): Effects of Childhood Experience in Ogun State University. Book of Readings on 1st National Research Network Meeting and Farming on Agricultural Undergraduates Performance in the Internship Year Programme of Ogun State University. Book of Readings on 1st National Research Network Meeting and Conference of the CIAP.
19. B.O. Adefuye, A.A. Agbelemoge and O.E. Fapojuwo (1997): Introduction to Rural Sociology. In Adedoyin S.F. (eds), A Manual of Rural Extension Service Pp 13.
Published Conference Proceedings
20. O.E. Fapojuwo (2008): Determinants of Use of Improved Cassava Processing Techniques for Different Cassava Products in South West Nigeria. In O.A. Adeyemi; A.M. Ogungbesan; A.O. Dada; O.O. Eniolorunda; H.A. Awojobi ;D.B. Oke and J.A. Agunbiade (eds) Animal Agriculture Towards Millennium Development In Nigeria. Proceedings of the 33rd annual conference of Nigeria society for animal production conference, 333-336.
21. A.B. Sekunmade, S.O. Akinleye and O.E. Fapojuwo (2008): Comparative Analysis of Maize Storage Technologies in Kwara State, Nigeria. In J.C. Umeh,C.P. Obinne and W. Lawal (eds) Prospects and Challenges of Adding Value to Agricultural Products. Proceedings of the 22nd Annual National Conference of Farm Management Association of Nigeria (faman). 194-203.
22. A. Aderinto, O.M. Dada and O.E. Fapojuwo (2007): Perceived Influence Of Rural Infrastructure On Livelihood Of Rural Dwellers: Fadama II Project Experience In Egbeda Local Government Area Of Oyo State, Nigeria. In A.A. Ladele; C.P. Obinne; E.M. Igbokwe; O.A. Adeokun; F.A.Kuponiyi and O.A. Ajayi (eds) Powering The Agricultural And Rural Transformation Process In Nigeria. Proceedings Of The 16th Annual Congress Of The Nigerian Rural Sociological Association,65-71.

23. S.O. Akinleye, O.E. Fapojuwo and A.L. Odukoya (2007): Infrastructure and Poverty Profile of Farming Communities in Ogun State. In J.O.Y. Aihonsu; O.O. Olubanjo; S.O. Akinleye and P.A. Okuneye (eds) Infrastructure and Water Management in Nigeria’s Agricultural and Rural Development Systems. Proceedings of the 21st Annual National Conference of the Farm Management Association of Nigeria. 246-251.
24. Adebayo, K. Fabusoro, E. and Fapojuwo, O.E. (2006): Potential Adopters and Non-Adopters of Selected Cassava Processing Technologies in Southwest Nigeria. In S.O. Adepoju and P.B. Okuneye (eds). Technology and Agricultural Development in Nigeria. Proceedings of 20th Annual National Conference of Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN); 123-132.
25. O.E. Fapojuwo, A.S. Onasanya and O.I. Oladele (2005): Farmers Perception and Awareness of Food Processing Technology in Oyo State, Nigeria. Accepted for Publication in the 29th Proceedings of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST) Annual Conference.
26. O.E. Fapojuwo and O.E. Okhiria (2003): Mother Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS through Breastfeeding. In Oguntona T.S. (ed), Repositioning Nutrition for National Development. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of Nutrition Society of Nigeria 59-63.
27. A.O. Olaleye, J.O. Akinyemi, O.E. Fapojuwo and O.O. Awobode (2003): Impact of Refuse Dumpsites on Ground Water and River Quality in Ibadan. Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Ground Water Quality.
28. J.O. Akinyemi, K.O. Ojo, and O.E. Fapojuwo (2002): Enhancing Women Farmers Productivity through Rural Water Resources Development in Odeda Local Government in Ogun State, Nigeria. In Jibowu A.A. (eds). Democracy and Rural Development, Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Rural Sociological Association 72-79.
29. K.O. Adenegan and O.E. Fapojuwo (2000): Locating Women Indigenous Knowledge within the Police Framework for Sustainable Development. In Proceedings of African Regional Conference of Gender and Science and Technology (GASAT). 15-20.

30. S.F. Adedoyin, O.A. Morafa and O.E. Fapojuwo (1998): Undergraduate Farmers at Ago-Iwoye: Products of a Linkage Programme of the College of Agricultural Sciences with the other academic arms of Ogun State University. In Proceedings of the 1st National Research Network Conference of the Children-in-Agricultural Programme (CIAP). 377-385.

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