Kareem, S. O: Publications


  1. Kareem, S.O.(2009) Production ,Purification and Characterization ThermostableGlucoamylase from Aspergillusoryzae and Rhizopusoligosporus (Ph.DThesis submitted to University of Agriculture, Abeokuta)
  2. Kareem, S.O. (2002) Purification of Amylase using Agricultural products as Precipitants (M.Sc. Dissertations submitted to University of Agriculture, Abeokuta)
  • Kareem, S.O. (1998). Pectinase Production by Rhizopus spp. ( B.Sc. Project submitted to University of Agriculture, Abeokuta)

(b) Learned Journal Articles

  1. Osho, M.B.,Akpan, I.andKareem,S.O.(2001):Production of amylase from Aspergillusoryzae immobilized in gelatin matrix. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology 15(2)87-91. Published by Nigerian Society for Microbiology

¥2 Kareem, S.O., Akpan, I.andOsho,M.B.(2003): Calotropisprocera(Sodom apple)- a potential material for enzyme purification. Bioresource Technology, 87: 133-135,Published by Elsevier publishers, United Kingdom. http:www.sciencedirect.com

¥3 Kareem, S.O. and Akpan, I.(2003): Clarification of amylase extract from moldy bran with Imarsil. Enzyme and Microbial Technology 33:259-261, Published by Elsevier publishers, United Kingdom http://www.sciencedirect.com

 4 Akpan,I. and Kareem,S.O.(2004): A simple method for rapid detection of amylases in liquid chromatography fractions. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology 18(1-2):284-287,Published by Nigerian Society for Microbiology

5. Kareem,S.O.andAdebowale ,A.A.(2007): Clarification of orange juice by crude fungal pectinase from citrus peel. Nigerian Food Journal 25(1):130-137, Published by Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology.       

6. Kareem,S.O. Akpan, I. and Ojo, O.P.(2008): Antimicrobial Activities of Calotropisprocera on selected pathogenic microorganisms. African Journal of Biomedical Research 11:105-110,Published by Ibadan Biomedical group, University of Ibadan http://www.ajbrui.org.                                                        

7. Olaitan,J.O., Kareem, S.O.andDada,R.O.(2009): Antimicrobial property of Pentachlethramacrophylla on selected pathogenic microorganisms.African Journal of Biomedical Research 12(2)141-144,Published by Ibadan Biomedical group University of Ibadan. http://www.ajbrui.org

8. Kareem,S.O. andOjo, O.P.(2010).In-vitro Antimicrobial activity of Aloe vera extract against some selected pathogens.Science Focus 15(2) 270-275 Published by Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, LadokeAkintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. http://www.sciencefocusngr.org

9. Kareem, S.O. and Ariyo C.A.(2010). Production of Bioprotein by Aspergillusniger and Trichodermareesei from Groundnut waste. Science Focus 15(2)288-292.Published byFaculty of Pure and Applied Science, LadokeAkintola University of Technology, Ogbomosohttp://www.sciencefocusngr.org

¥10. Kareem S.O., AkpanI.andAlebiowu,O.O.(2010):Production of citric acid by Aspergillusniger using pineapple waste. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology 6(2)34-38,Published by Malaysian Society for Microbiology. Nigeria

11. Kareem,S.O. and Akpan I(2010).Biosynthesis of fungal amylases on soybean waste medium. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology24(1) 1983-1986,Published byNigerian Society for Microbiology http:// www.nsmjournal.orgNigeria

12. Kareem S.O., Akpan I., T.O.S.Popoola and L.O.Sanni(2011) : Activated charcoal- a potential material in glucoamylase recovery. Enzyme research 4061/483943(1-4) .Published by SAGE, United Kingdom.http://www.sagehindawi.com.

13. Adeogun A.I., Ofudje A. E., Idowu M. and Kareem S.O. (2011): Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic studies of the biosorption of Mn (II) ions from aqueous solution by raw and acid-treated corn cob biomass. Bioresources Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 4117-4134.Published by New Castle University, United States of America.www.bioresources.com

¥14. Adeogun, A.I., Kareem, S.O., DurosanyaJ.B.andBalogun E.S. (2012). Kinetic and Equilibrium parameter of Biosorption and Bioaccumulation of Lead (Pb) from aqueous solution by Trichodermalongibrachiatum. Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Science. Vol. 1(5) 1221-1234. Published by The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, Slovack University of Agriculture, Slovack.www.jmfbs.org

15. Akinloye, O.A., Balogun, E.A., Kareem, S.O. and Mosaku, O.S.(2012). Partial purification and some properties of α–glucosidase from Trichodermalongibrachiatum.Biokemistri24(1) 31-37. Published by Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology.http://www.bioline.org.br/bkNigeria

16. A. I. Adeogun, M. A.Idowu, A. E.Ofudje, S. O. Kareem and S. A. Ahmed (2013):Comparative biosorption of Mn(II) and Pb(II) ions on raw and oxalic acid modifiedmaize husk: kinetic, thermodynamic and isothermal studies.(3) 167-169 Applied water science, Published by Springer available online at http://www.springerlink.com

17. Balogun S.A, Ayangbenro, A.S., Kareem, S.O. and Sojinu, O.S.(2013): Screening for heavy molecular weight hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria from oil impacted, non-oil impacted soil and natural deposits. Journal of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology(Formerly ASSET) Vol 12(1) (25-34). Published by Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

18. Kareem, S. O.,Oladipupo,I.O., Omemu,A.M and BabajideJ. M.(2013):Production of Citric acid by Aspergillusnigerimmobilized in Detariummicrocarpum matrix. Malaysian Journal of Microbiology 9(2) 161-165. Published by Malaysian Society for Microbiology www.myjurnal.my

19. Kareem S. O., Adeogun, A. I.Owoeye O. O.Ajayi O. A. (2013); Parameters of biosorption and bioaccumulation of Cr (VI) ion from aqueous solutions by Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research.56(3)144-150 Published by Pakistan Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research. Available online at: www.pjsir.org

20. Omeike, S.O., Kareem, S.O., Adewuyi,S.andBalogun S.A.(2013) Biosorption of Alumnium from solution by deadAspergillusoryzae isolated fromAlumnium mills waste sites. Ife Journal of Science 15(1) 119-204. Published by Faculty of Science, University of Ife.

21. Kareem, S.O., Adeogun, I.A. and Omeike, S.O.(2014):Biosorption studies for the removal of ferrous ion from aqueous solution by Aspergillusterreus and Trichodermaviride : kinetic, thermodynamic and isothermal parameters. Journal of Water Supply : Research and Technology-AQUA 63(1) 66-75 Published by IWA publishers, United Kingdom. www.iwaponline.com

22. Kareem S.O., Akpan I., T.O.S.Popoola and L.O.Sanni(2014): Purification and characterization of thermostableglucoamylase from Rhizopusoligosporus SK5 obtained through UV and Chemical mutagenesis. Biokemistri 26(1)19-24.

23. M.B. Osho, T.O.S.Popoola and Kareem S.O.(2014):Immobilization of Aspergillusniger ATCC1015 on bionatural structures for lipase production. Engineering in Life SciencesDO1 10/1002:1-6. Published by WILEY Publishers, Germany.

24. Kareem, S.O.,Omeike, S.O., BalogunS.A.andAdewuyi,S. (2014): Biosorption of Manganese(II) and Aluminium (III) ions from aqueous solution by Immobilized Trichodermaasperellum BHU216 Global NEST Journal Vol 16 (1)160-168. Published by University of Aegen, Greece

25. Kareem, S.O.,Omeike, S.O., BalogunS.A.andAdewuyi,S. (2014): Removal of Mn(II) and Fe(II) by Aspergillus sp.TU-GM14 immobilized on Detariummicrocarpum Global NEST Journal Vol 16 (4) 597-608. Published by University of Aegen, Greece

26. Oluwafemi, F., Badmos, A.O., Kareem, O., Ademuyiwa, O., Kolapo, A.L.(2014) Survey of Aflatoxin M1 in cow’s milk in free-grazing cows in Abeokuta. Mycotoxin Research DOI 10.1007/s 12550-014-0204-4. Published by Society for Mycotoxin Research/ Springer

27. Kareem S.O., Adio,O.Q and Michael BamitaleOsho(2014) Immobilization of Aspergillusniger F7-02 Lipase in Polysaccharide Hydrogel Beads of Irvingiagabonensis Matrix. Enzyme Research Enzyme research ID/967056(1-7) . Published by SAGE, United Kingdom.http://www.sagehindawi.com

28. Banjo, T.T., Kareem, O and Akpan ,I.(2014) Production and Characterization of amylase by mixed cultures of Aspergillusflavusand Aspergillustamarrii. Biokemistri 26(4) 101-106 Published by Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology. http://www.bioline.org.br/bkNigeria

29. Osofowora, A.O., Jegede, A.V.,Kareem,S.O., Obadire,F.O., Adegbenjo, A.A and Oduguwa, O.O (2014): Comparative response of broiler chicken fed diets containing biodegraded malted sorghum sprouts (BMSP) and enzyme supplemented malted sorghum sprouts(EMSP). Nigeria Poultry Science Journal 11:154-161. Published by World Poultry Science Association- Nigeria branch

30. Adio,O.Q ,Kareem S.O., M. B. Osho and A.M., Omemu(2015): Production of lipases in solid state fermentation by Aspergillusniger F7-02 with agricultural residues.Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Science. 4(6)509-512 Published by The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, Slovack University of Agriculture, Slovack.www.jmfbs.org

 * 31. Balogun, S., Ayangbenro, A., Kareem, S and Sojinu S.(2015): Degradation of bitumen by Burkholderiacepacia KT803965 isolated from heavy oil impacted tropical soil. RMZ- Materials and Geoenvironment 62 (4) 211-292 Published by Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana

32.BanjoT.,Kareem, S.O , Omemu,A.M and Akpan ,I (2016): Simultaneous production of glucose and ascorbic acid from Cassava starch by mixed culture of Aspergillusflavus and Aspergillustamarii. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology 30 (1) 3258-3262 Published by Nigerian Society for Microbiology.

¥* 33.Olaitan, J.O., Kareem, S.O., Aroyehun D.B and Omeike, S.O. (2015): Antimicrobial activities of seed and leaf extract of Moringaoleifera against common clinical microbial isolates. Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences (G. Microbioloy) 17 (1) 47-52. Published by Egyptian Society for Biological Sciences.

¥* 34.Shittu, T.O., Akinde, H.A., Kareem, S.O and Sanni, L.O. (2015): Whipping and lowering of moisture content to reduce cowpea paste souring rate. Journal of culinary Science and Technology 13: 187-199 Taylor and Francis Group. 

¥*35.Kareem, S.O., Falokun, E.I., Balogun, S.A., Akinloye, O.A. and Omeike S.O (2017): Enzymatic production of biodiesel from palm oil and palm kernel oil using free lipase. Egyptian Journal of Petroleum 26: 635-642 Published by Elsevier Publishers .

*36. Kareem, S.O., Alo, T., Dairo, J.O. and Omeike, S.O., 2017.Potential electricity production from cassava waste effluent using indigenous microorganisms in a microbial fuel cell. UNIOSUN Journal of Sciences 2 (2) 129-133. Published by Osun State University.Nigeria

¥*37 A. I. Adeogun, A. E.Ofudje, M.A. Idowu and S. O. Kareem (2017) Facile development of nanosize calcium hydroxyapatite based ceramic from eggshells; synthesis and characterization. Waste Biomass Valor.DOI10.1007/s 12649-017-9891-3 Published by Springer.

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¥*40. Kareem, S.O., Adebayo, O.S., Balogun, S.A., Afolabi, T.A and Akinde, S.B. (2017): Biodegradation of Premium motor spirit (PMS) using lipase from Bacillus thuringiensis and Lysinibacillussphaericus. Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology 33: 34-40 Published by Nigerian Society for Biotechnology. Nigeria

¥*41. Afolabi, T.A, Opara, O.A., Kareem, S.O and Oladoyinbo, F.O.(2017). In vitro digestibility of hydrothermally modified Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranean L.) starch and flour.Food Science and Nutrition DOI:10.1002/fsn3.510. 1-11 Published by WILEY Publishers.

¥*42. Adelabu, B.A., Kareem, S.O.,Oluwafemi, F and Adeogun I.A. (2017):Bioconversion of corn straw to ethanol by cellulolytic yeasts immobilized in Mucunaurens matrix. Journal of King Saud University- Science. DOI:1016/j.jksus 2017.07.005 Published by Elsevier Publishers.

¥*43. Ofudje,E.A., Rajendran, A., Adeogun, A.I., Idowu, M.A., Kareem, S.O and Pattanayak, D.K (2018): Synthesis of organic hydroxyapatite scaffold from pig bone waste for tissue engineering applications. Advanced Powder Technology 29:1-8 Published by Elsevier Publishers.

¥*44. Adeogun, A.I., Idowu, M.A., Ofudje,E.A., Kareem, S.O., Vahidhabanu, S and Babu, B.R. (2018): Biowaste derived hydroxyapatite for effective removal of reactive yellow 4 dye: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic studies. ACS OME GA 3: 1991-2000. Published by American Chemical Society.America

¥*45. Adelabu, B.A., Kareem, S.O.,Oluwafemi, F and Adeogun I.A. (2018): Consolidated Bioprocessing of Ethanol from Corn Straw by Saccharomyces diastaticus and Wikerhamomyceschambardii. Food and Applied Biosciences Journal 6(1)1-17 Published by Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

¥*46. Banjo T.,Kareem, S.O , Akinduti, P. Popoola, T and Akinloye O.(2018): Optimization and production of ascorbic acid by fusant cell of Aspergillusflavus and Aspergillustamarii. Journal of King Saud University- Science. DOI:1016/j.jksus 2018.04.032 Published by Elsevier Publishers.

¥*47. Banjo T.,Kareem, S.O.,Popoola, T and Akinloye O.(2018): Biosynthesis of ascorbic acid by Aspergillusflavus and Aspergillustamarii immobilized in Afzelia Africana matrix. Food and Applied Biosciences Journal 6(1)40-53 Published by Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

¥*48. Banjo T.,Kareem, S.O.,Popoola, T and Akinloye O.(2018): Microbial production of ascorbic acid from brewery spent grain by Aspergillusflavus and Aspergillustamarii . Food and Applied Biosciences Journal 6(2)93-105. Published by Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

¥*49. Oluwafemi, F., Oni, E. O., Kareem, S.O., Omemu, A,M and Kolapo, A.L. (2018): Extent of microbial contamination of refined and unrefined vegetable oils sold in south-west Nigeria. Turkish Journal of Agriculture- Food Science and Technology 6 (4)396-400 Published by Turkey Science and Technology Institute. Turkey.

*50. Kareem, S.O., Adio,O.Q, Osho, M. B., Banjo T.T and Omeike, S.O. (2018): Optimization of biodiesel production from spent cooking oil by fungal lipase using response surface methodology. Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology 35: Published by Nigerian Society for Biotechnology. Nigeria

*Additional papers after last promotion

¥ Foreign Journals

( c) Chapter in books

51. Kareem, S.O and Banjo T.(2014): Microbial production of organic acid; In Microbial Biotechnology: Progress and Trends, ed: Darvishi, F and Chen, H.; CRC-Taylor and Francis, Pp 169-186, ISBN 978-1-4822-4520-2, DOI: 10:1201/b17587-9

(d) Conference proceedings

52. Kareem,S.O and Sobande, O.A.(2004):Effect of pectinase enzyme on quality of grape juice. 28th Conference of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology pp131-132

53. Kareem,S.O. and Akpan,I.(2004):Pectinase production by Rhizopus sp. Cultured on cheap agricultural materials. Proceedings of 1st International conference on Science and National Development.Abeokuta, Nigeria, Oct.25th -28th 2004. 1:94-96.

54. Amolegbe,S.A.,Obaleye,J.A.,Kareem,S.O. and Nkwusi,G.C.(2008): Synthesis, analysis and antimicrobial activity of some metal complexes of salicylic acid and ampicillin. Proceedings of 20th National Conferenceof Chemical Society of Nigeria 2:24-30

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58 *Kareem S.O, Oladipupo I.O., Omemu,A.M. and Babajide J.M.(2013):Cassava Whey- a potential for citric acid production. Symposium of International Society for Root and Tuber Crops-African Branch held at Alisa Hotel, Accra,Ghana, 30th September -5th October,2013

*Additional publication after last promotion.                     


59. Akpan, I.andKareem,S.O.(2002): Imarsil and Process of Preparation. Nigerian Patent No RP14784


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