Oyeyinka, R.A: Research Conducted

Research in Progress:

1)  Impact of Micro finance on the Psychological Wellbeing of Women in Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria.

2)  Smallholder Direct Loan Scheme and Socio economic Status of Livestock Farmers in Fashola Community, Oyo State, Nigeria.

3)  Impact of Agricultural Bank(AB)on Women Empowerment in Oyo State, Nigeria.

4)  Cooperative Farmers Knowledge and Utilization of Cocoa Rehabilitation Programme in Osun State, Nigeria.

Research Completed not Published

1.  Poultry Farmers Perception of Student Industrial Work Experience In Oyo Federal Constituency, Oyo State Nigeria.

2.  Effect of Climate Change on Transhumance Pastoralism in Ogun, Nigeria, Ayanda, I. F, Oyeyinka, R. A, Salau, S. A, Ojo, E.


. Establishing the status of post harvest losses and storage for major staple crops in 11 African Countries sponsored by Alliance for green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) 2013 – 2014

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