Ojo, D. A: Publications


Ph.D.: Epidemiological study of malaria and typhoid infection in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

M.Sc.: Automated Bile Acids for diagnosis of liver diseases.


(1) Ojo, D.A. and Mafiana, C.F. (2001). : Evaluation of fever in Presumptive Diagnosis of Malaria and Typhoid Infections in Area of High Malaria Endemicity. The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology, 22: 35 – 42.

(2) Ademuyiwa, O., Arowolo, T., Ojo, D.A., Odukoya, O.O., Yusuf, A.A. and Akinbami, T.F. (2002). : Lead level in blood and urine of some residents of Abeokuta, Nigeria. Elements and Electrolytes, 19: 63 – 69.

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*(4) Ojo, D.A., Mafiana, C.F. and Oluloro, Y.J. (2004). : A Study of Pathogenic Bacteria commonly Associated with Gastroenteritis in school children in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Biosciences Biotechnology Research, Asia 2: 89 – 92.

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