Okeyode, I. C: Publications

a. Books/ Monographs & Chapters in Books:

b. Published/Accepted Papers in Learned Journals:

[i]. Olowofela, J.A., Kamiyole, I.C. and Adegoke J.A.,(2004) Effects of Clay Content and Porosity on Wave velocities in Unconsolidated Media Using Empirical Relations, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 1, 234-239 ( Institute of Physics, UK)

[ii.] Olowofela, J.A. and kamiyole, I.C., (2004) Wave Velocities in Sandstone Using an Empirical Relations, Nigerian Journal of physics, 16(1); 138-141

[iii] Olowofela, J.A, Adegoke J.A,Adewumi O.P and Kamiyole, I.C., (2004) Contemporary Aspects of Monte Carlo Methods and Simulation in Physics Zuma Journ. Of pure and applied Sciences 6(1)

[iv] Okeyode, I.C and Farai, I.P., ( 2007) Measurement of Activity Concentrations of Natural Radionuclides In The Topsoil of IITA Ibadan (By Gamma-ray Spectrometry), J Radiol. Prot. 27, 333-347 (Institute of Physics UK)

c. Technical Report/Conference proceedings/Internal Reports/Preprints:

d. Dissertation/Thesis:

kamiyole, I.C .,1999, Effect of Porosities on Velocities of Unconsolidated Media ( Sandstone), Undergraduate Project University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Kamiyole, I.C., 2002, Measurement of Activity Concentrations of Natural Radionuclides in the Topsoil of IITA Ibadan (By Gamma – Ray Spectrometry), M.Sc. Dissertation University of Ibadan ,Ibadan, Nigeria

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