Onadeko, S. A: Conferences Attended


  • Onadeko, S.A. (1985): Effective Protection of Nigeria’s Protected Areas: A Matter of Concern for Ecological, 1985 Biennial Conference of the Ecological Society of Nigeria. (Abstract present in Book of Abstract).
  • Jayeoba, W.A.; Onadeko, S.A. and Feleyimu, O.I. (2008). Changes in Wildlife Population during Cold Dry and Hot Dry Seasons. (Case Study: University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. A paper presented at the 32nd Annual Conference of Forestry Association of Nigeria, Aguiyi Ironsi Conference Centre, Umuahia, Abia State, 20th – 24th October, 2008. pp. 426-435. [Abstract]


  • Onadeko, S.A. (1985): Wildlife Management is Habitat Management: The Role of the National Tree Planting Campaign. Text of the Slide Lecture during the Launching of the 4th National Tree Planting Campaign at the Council Chambers of the Borgu Local Government Secretariat, New Bussa. Wildlife Focus Vol. 1 No. 3: pp 26-31.
  • Onadeko, S.A. and A.J. Meduna (1985): The Nigerian Public and Wildlife Conservation. Wildlife Focus Vol. 1 No. 2 pp. 19-23.

Technical Paper:

  • Oyenusi, A.E.; Onadeko, S.A. and M.E. Osakwe (1979): The Set-up at Ecole De Faune, Ganoma Camerron – Possibilities for Federal School of Wildlife Management, New Bussa. Technical Paper: Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria.


  • S.A. Onadeko (1982): Extent of Activity Area of Cottontial Rabbits through Droppings Observation. Seminar Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Science Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, 7843.


  • Onadeko, S.A. and S.S. Oriere (1984): The Role and Problems of Museological Collections in Wildlife Conservation Areas.

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