Yusuf, A. O: Research

Research completed but not yet published

  1. Effect of garlic on performance, blood profile and faecal egg count in naturally infected sheep
  2. Prevalence of anaemia in West African Dwarf sheep and goat using FAMACHA chart
  3. Effect of varying levels of protein on rate of recovery from anaemia in WAD goats
  4. Effect of varying levels of protein on rate of recovery from anaemia in WAD sheep
  5. Growth performance, blood parameters, and meat quality in finishing dohne merino lambs reared under single – or paired-pen
  6. Ethnoveterinary practices among small holder farmer in Odeda local government.
  7. Chemical characterization of selected browse species in Odeda local government

Research in progress

  1. Ammoniation as a means to improve nutritional composition of maize cobs for ruminant nutrition
  2. The use of anhydrous ammonia to increase the nutritive value of low quality Sunflower crop residues
  3. Growth performance characteristics, physiological parameters and immune response of weaner large white piglets fed diets containing different inclusion levels of nanozinc oxide
  4. Physiological and meat quality characteristics of venda chickens supplemented with dietary red grape pomace (Vitisvinifera var. shiraz)
  5. In- vitro evaluation and mitigation of methane from sub-tropical forages using incremental levels of plant oil extract additives
  6. Effect of sodium humate on growth performance, physiological parameters, gut morphology, immune protection and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens.
  7. Utilization of sweet potato peel based diets supplemented with Urea –Sulfur combination by Rams
  8. Nano zinc supplementation in sheep
  9. Nano zinc supplementation in goats

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