Ganiyu, S. A: Publications

  1. 2 – D Geoelectric Evaluation of Soil Contamination by Surface Oil and Gas Tanks in Sedimentary Formation. Badmus, B.S, Obawole, A.O and Ganiyu, S.A. Journal of Emerging Trends and In Engineering and Applied Sciences(JETEAS) 2(2) 203 – 209, 2011.
  2. Source Location and Depth Estimation from Digitized Aeromagnetic Data Acquired from a Basement Complex Formation. Olowofela, J.A, Badmus, B.S, Ganiyu, S.A, Olurin, O.T and Babatunde, P. Earth Science India Vol4 (III) July 20111, pp 136 – 142.

  3. Analysis of Physical parameters of Limestone deposits in Ewekoro Formation, Southwestern Nigeria. Olurin, O.T, Badmus, B.S, Olowofela, J.A, Akinyemi, O.D, Ozebor, V.C and Ganiyu, S.A. Earth Science Research Vol. 1, No. 2; 2012


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