Onwuka, C. F. I: Conferences Attended


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(4) ADU, I. F. AND ONWUKA C.F.I. (2005). : Utilization of Cassava (Manihot sp.) as feed resource for small ruminants in Nigeria. Contract No. 4442. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Nigeria .23 pp
(5) ONWUKA, C.F.I. (2007) : Browsing Goats and Sheep: The Wisdom in their Foolishness. UNAAB Inaugural Lecture Series No. 21. Presented at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta on the 28th February, 2007. ISBN: 978-078-795-X. 55pp



(1) ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1988) : Range management and improvement in Nigeria. Invited Paper Presented at a symposium during the Science week of the School of Arts and Science, Uyo. 8pp.
(2) ADU, I.F. AND ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1991) : Problems and prospects of commercialization of sheep and goats in Ogun State. Invited paper presented at the Training Workshop on Effective Management of Agricultural Enterprises at the Local Government Level in Ogun State. July 29 31. 11pp.
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(4) ABIOLA, S.S. AND ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1993). Low Cost Poultry housing using local materials. Presented at the Training Workshop on “Stimulating profitable Small Scale Poultry Production in Ogun State”. 29-31 December, 1993. 14pp.
(5) ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1993). Profitability of Livestock farming enterprises. Presented at the seminar on “Agricultural Co-operatives for Rural Development” Conference Hall, Federal Secretariat, Abeokuta. 1-2 November, 1993. 15pp.
(6) ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1993). Management of Poultry enterprises for profit maximization. Presented at the Training Workshop on “Stimulating Profitable Small Scale Poultry Production in Ogun State”. 29-31 December, 1993. 16pp.
(7) ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1994). Fate of Animal Production in the 21st Century. Presented at the Animal Production Students’ Week, Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye. 17th March, 1994. 9pp.
(8) ONWUKA, C.F.I. (1995). Alternative feed resources for ruminant Animals. Presented at the Workshop on Alternative feed resources, mounted for Lagos State Ministry of Agric. Cooperatives and Rural Development Staff, Lagos. 15pp.
(9) ONWUKA, C. F. I. (1997) Feeds and Feeding of Ruminants for increased productivity. Paper presented at the Monthly technology Review Meeting (MTRM) of Ogun State Agric. Dev. Programme (OGADEP) on 20th May, 1997. 20pp.
(10) ONWUKA, C. F. I. (1997) Supplementary feed for Small Ruminants. Presented as a Research & Development Centre (RESDEC)’s Seminar Paper on 16th October, 1997. 28pp.
(11) ONWUKA, C. F. I. (1998) Managerial vision in the next Millennium: The issues in human resources training and development. Presented at the training forum for Companies Chief Executives organized by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) at Gateway Hotels, Ota. 30th June, 1998.


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