Alatise, O. O: Publications

(a) Dissertations

(i) Radioactivity Concentrations and Distribution of Some Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in the Soils of Some Coastal States of Nigeria – Ph.D Thesis (2007)

(ii) Assessment of Natural Radioactivity levels in the Coastal areas of Lagos State, Nigeria – M. Phil Dissertation (May 2001).

(iii) Reactive and non-reactive metals interaction with InP (110) surface – M.Sc. Dissertation (1985)

(iv) A Study of the Optical Density of States of Silver (B.Sc. Project, 1981).

(b) Articles in Learned Journals

(i) ALATISE O.O., BABALOLA I.A. and OLOWOFELA J.A. (2008) Distribution of Some Natural Gamma-Emitting Radionuclides in the Soils of the Coastal Areas of Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. Yet to be published.

(ii) ALATISE O.O., BABALOLA I.A. and AJAYI I.R. (2003) Assessment of the Natural Radioactivity in the Coastal Areas of Lagos of Lagos Nigeria. Botswana Journal of Technology. Vol. 12 (1) pp. 53-57.

(iii) AJAYI I.R. and ALATISE O.O. (2000) Natural radioactivity measurements in rock samples of Ondo and Ekiti States of Nigeria. Radiation Measurements, Vol. 33:1 pp 13-16.

(iv) AJAYI, I.R. and ALATISE O.O. (1999) Assessment of Radionuclides in soils of Ado-Ekiti, South-western Nigeria. Journal of Science Research, Vol. 5(1) pp. 49 – 50.

(v) ALATISE, O.O. (1998) Electrostatic Control of Industrial Waste Journal of Biological and Physical Sciences, Vol. 2. (4) pp. 27-33.

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