Bandipo, M.S: Publications

Journal Article:

(i) Famuyide E.O., M.S. Banipo, B.L. Ademoye (2001), “Sexual Harassment on a University Campus: A Case Study”. A paper published in Ibadan Journal of Education Studies, Vol 1 (1): 166- 174. Already published in May, 2001.

(ii) Agbon C.A. and Bandipo M.S. (2004), “Economics Empowerment of Women Engaged in Fish Marketing:, A paper accepted for publication in Fisheries Society of Nigeria FISON’S Journal of Fisheries. (Accepted 26th Oct, 2004).

(iii) Afolabi, W.A.O., Sanni, S.A. Banipo, M.S. and Pikuda, Y.C. (2004), “The Relationship between Television Foods Advert, Food Consumption and Food Preference of Urban School Children”. Journal of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN). (Accepted, June 6th, 2005)

(iv) Olayiwola, I.O. and Bandipo M.S. (2005), “Nutrition and childcare Practices – the Situation in Nigeria”. West Africa Journal of Nursing (WAJN) (Accepted 15th Aug. 2005). Published since last promotion

Edited/Conference Proceedings

(i) Bandipo, M.S. (1993), “Effect of Maternal Deprivation on Children’s Academic Performance” being a paper presented on Wednesday 15th August 1993 at Home Economics Association for Africa (IFHERA) at Home Economics Department Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya (Accepted 20th July, 1993).

(ii) Egbunike, C.A. Okeke, E.A. Bandipo M.S. (2001). “Time Allocated to Child Care by Pregnant Women”, A Paper presented at the Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN) held at University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Nigeria) 2000 (22nd – 25th March).

(iii) Afolabi, W.A.O. and Bandipo, M.S., (2002). “The need for improved nutritional status of the youths for enhanced agricultural productivity” accepted in the proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN), held in University of Agriculture (UNAAB) Abeokuta (Nigeria), 2002.

Published since last promotion

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