Njah, A. N: Courses Taught

100 Level

PHS 101 – General Physics I

PHS 105 – General Physics I for Biological Sciences

PHS 102 – General Physics II

PHS 106 – General Physics II for Biological Sciences

PHS 191/192 – Physics Laboratory I/II

200 Level

PHS 211 – Classical Physics

PHS 222 – Thermal Physics

PHS 231 – Waves and Optics

PHS 242 – Electricity

PHS 251 – Introductory Modern Physics

PHS 291/292 – Physics Practicals

300 Level

PHS 311 – Analytical Mechanics I

PHS 312 – Analytical Mechanics II

PHS 341 – Electromagnetism

PHS 342 – Electromagnetic Waves and Optics

PHS 344 – Electronics

PHS 364 – Energy and Environment

400 Level

PHS 411 – Quantum Mechanics I

PHS 412 – Quantum Mechanics II

PHS 468 – Semiconductor Devices

PHS 471 – Method of Mathematical Physics I

PHS 472 – Method of Mathematical Physics II

Undergraduate Project Supervision: Supervised 33 student

Courses taught at Post graduate level:

PHS 701 – Quantum Mechanics

PHS 703 – Mathematical Physics

PHS 706 – Statistical Mechanics

CHM 744 – Quantum Chemistry and Symmetry (Department of Chemistry)

CST 713 – Introduction to Telecommunications (MICT Programme, Department of Computer Sciences).

Postgraduate Supervision:

Ph. D Supervision (Completed)

• U. E. Vincent Ph.D. Department of Physics (2001 – 2005) Dynamical behaviour and Synchronization of Chaos in coupled Nonlinear Oscillators June 2005 (Co-supervised)

• B. A. Idowu, Ph.D. Department of Physics (2003 – 2008): “Dynamics, Synchronization and Chaos Control of Parametrically excited oscillators” January, 2009 (Major Supervised)

• O. i. Olusola, Ph.D., Department of Physics (2003 – 2010) Synchronization Dynamics and Stability Analysis of Coupled Time-varying Nonautonomous System “ (Major Supervisor)

• A. S. Onashoga, Ph. D., Department of Computer Science (2005 – 2010): “A Distributed Intrusion Detection Architecture using Multi-agent System “ (Major Supervisor)

Ph. D Supervisor (in Progress)

• A. A. Ajayi, Ph. D., Department of Physics (2003 – dates): “ A Generalized van der pol-Duffing oscillator and its Analysis” (Major Supervisor)

• S. O. Kareem, Ph. D., Department of Physics (2005 – date): “Dynamics and synchronization of coupled oscillators in extended potential “ (Major Supervisor)

• U. A. Marte, Ph. D., Department of Physics (2007- date): “Analysical and Numerical Approximations of Nonlinear Differential Equations with Ratchet Potential” (Major Supervisor)

• A. O. Adelakan, Department of Physics (2010 – date): “Design and Implementation of Nonlinear Chaotic “ (Major Supervisor)

• K. S. Ojo, Department of Physics (2010 – date): “Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaosin in Josephson Junctions: Networks, Analysis, Control Synchronization and implementation” (Major Supervisor)

• O. Ojoniyi, Department of Physics (2010 – date): “Choatic Theory of Turbulent Flow” (Major Supervisor)

• F. Ometan, Department of Physics (2010 – date): “Quantum FChaos: The Non-linear Schrodinger Equation” (Major Supervisor)

• A. I. Egunjobi, Department of Physics (2010 – date): “Generalization of some Chaotic Circuits and their dynamical Analysis” (Major Supervisor)

• O. P. Durojaye, Ph. D., Department of Mathematics (2006 – date): (Co-supervisor)

• A. J. Ikuomola, Ph. D., Department of Computer Science (2009 – date): “Intrusion Response System” (Cosupervisor)


M. Sc. Supervisor (Completed)

• K. S. Ojo M. Sc., Department of Physics (2005 – 2008): “Control and Synchronization via Backstepping Techniques of some φ6 chaotic Oscillators and their Application to Secure Communication” January 2009 (Major Supervisor)

• O. D. Sunday M. Sc., Department of Physics (2005 – 2008): “Synchronization and Control of some four-dimensional chaotic system with Application to Secure Communications” January 2009 (Major Supervisor)

• E. O. Adegoke, Department of Physics, 2006 – 2010: “Adaptive Tracking Control and Synchronization of some new Hyperchaotic System with Application to Secure Commnuications” (Major Supervisor)

• B. Mathew, M. Sc., Department of Physics (2005 – 2010): “Dynamical Properties of Krypton and Xenon fluid from Molecular Dynamics Simulation” April 2009. (Major Supervisor)

• M. K. Bamgbose, Department of Physics (2005 – 2010): “Electronic properties and Infra-red Spectra of FeO (B1 Phase) at high Pressure from ab initio Calculations” (Co-supervisor)

• T. G. Jaiyeola, M. Sc., Department of Mathematics (2003 – 2005): “An isotopic study of properties of central loops” 2005 (Co-supervisor)

• T. E. Akinsola, M. Sc., Department of Mathematics (2004 – 2010): “On Hardy-type Inequalities” (Co-supervisor)

• K. A. Ayanlowo M. Sc., Department of Computer Sciences (2004 – 2008): “An Improved Chaotic Encryption Scheme” August 2008 (Co-supervisor)

• M. O. Agbaje, M. Sc., Department of Computer Sciences (2004 – 2008): “Effect of Block sizes on Watermarked digital images using Discrete Cosine Transform” August 2008 (Co-supervisor)

• O. C. Akinola M. Sc., Department of Computer Sciences (2005 – 2008): “A Neural Network-based Intrusion Detection System” (Co-supervisor)

• A. A. Dosunmu, M. Sc., Department of Computer Sciences (2004 – 2010): “A framework for interactive visualization of multidimentioned data” (Co-supervisor)

M. Sc. Supervision (in Progress)

• O. S. Onama, Department of Physics, 2008 – date: “Extended backstepping Technique and its Application in the Control and Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Systems” (Co-supervisor)

• O. O. Sowunmi, M. Sc., Department of Mathematics, (2006-date): “On some Loop Theory (Co-supervisor)

• A. A. Lasisi, Department of Soil Science and Land Management (2008-date): “Soil Dynamics” (Co-supervisor)

• O. C. Oke., M. Sc., Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management (2009-date): “Geophatic Stress Studies” (Co-supervisor)

Supervision of Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Computer Science and Master in Information & Computer Technology (MICT)

– Supervised 5 PGD and 9 MICT students in Computer Science

– Currently supervising 0 PGD and 2 MICT student in Computer Science

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