Olowofela, J. A: Publications

(i) Books or Chapter in Books already Published.

[1] Olowofela J.A. Introduction to Heat and Thermodynamics (ISBN 978-117-7, June 1997), Publisher: Kanead Publishers, Mokola, Ibadan.

[2] Olowofela J.A. and Popoola O.I. Introduction to Waves, Optics and Modern Physics (ISBN 978-028-117-7, March 2000)

(ii) Patents: Nil.

(i) Articles that have already appeared in learned Journals.

[3] Oni E. and Olowofela J.A. (1998) .Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Induced Seismicity Theory and Application to Hydroelectric Dams in Nigeria. Advances in Geodesy and Geophysics Research in Africa pp. 187-209

[4] Sunmonu L.A., Adabanija and Olowofela J.A. (2000).Two-Dimensional Spectra Analysis of Magnetic anomalies of South-Eastern Part of Middle- Niger Basin, Central Nigeria, Nigeria Journal of Physicsl.12, 33-44

[5] Olowofela J.A., Adabanija S. and Sunmonu L.A. (2000) Intrinsic Potential Distribution in Hydrocarbon reservoir. Nigeria Journal of Physics,.13, 8-10

[6] Olowofela J.A. and Akinyemi O.D. (2001):A numerical model for the migration and Fate of contaminants in Groundwater.Nigerian Journal of Science Vol.35, 87-93

[7] Olowofela J.A. and Ozebo V.C. (2002)The Mellin Transform Interpretation of the Zaria older granite suite Gravity anomaly. Nigeria Journal of Science.36, 221-228

[8] Akinyemi O.D., Olowofela J.A., Akinlade O.O. and Badmus B.S. (2003) A numerical Model to study the effect of sediment size and depth on the movement of groundwater in an open channel bed system. Nigerian Journal of Science, 37(1),75-79

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[11] Olowofela J.A., Adegoke J.A., Adewumi O.P. and Kamiyole I.C. (2004) Contemporary Aspect of Monte Carlo and some Applications in Physics.(2004)Zuma Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 6(1) pp.139-149

[12] Olowofela J.A., Salawu O.R. and Akinlade O.O. (2004) Computation of Geomagnetic Elements of Nigeria for the Year 2000 and 2010. Nigeria Journal of Physics Vol. 16(2), 142-161. [Abstract]

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[16] Olowofela J.A. and Adegoke J.A. (2004) Modelling Effective Rheologies for Viscoelastic Porous Media.: Application to silt, medium and coarse sand J.Geophys.Eng. I, 240-243. (U.K.)

[17] Akinyemi O.D., Olowofela J.A., Sauer, T.J. and Fasunwon O.O. (2004) Spatio-Temporal Variability and Fractal Characterization of the Thermal conductivity measured in-situ in a natural clay soil J.Geophys. Eng.I, 252-258_(U.K.)

[18] Sunmonu L.A., Adabanija, M.A. Kumar D.P. and Olowofela J.A. (2004)Estimation of basements depths beneath the Koton-Karifi area of Bida basin (Nigeria) from Aeromagnetic data.Journal of Geophysics, Vol. XXV No.2 and 3 ,19-26 (India)

[19] Olowofela J.A. (2004) Magnetotelluric response on vertically inhomogeneous earth with homogeneous transition medium. Journal of Geophysics, Vol. XXV No. 4, 93-96_(India)

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[21] Akinyemi O.D. and Olowofela J.A. (2004) Variability of Thermal Properties of a Dry Sandy Soil. Nigerian Journal of Science Vol.38, 13-17

[22] Olowofela J.A. and Adegoke J.A.(2004) A Laboratory study of the effects of porosity and gradient on flow of groundwater. Nigerian Journal of Science Vol.38,93-97

[23] Olowofela J.A., Jolaosho V.O. and Badmus B.S. (2005) Measuring the electrical resisitivity of the Earth using a Fabricated Resisitivity meterEur.J.Phys. 26, 501-515_(U.K.)

[24] Olowofela J.A. Obawole A.O. and Oni E. (2005) Determination of frequency equation for Three Dimensional Rayleigh waves in vertically inhomogeneous media. J.Geophys. Eng. 2, 64-74,_(U.K.)

[25] Badmus B.S., Ayolabi E.A. Olowofela J.A. Adisa J.A. and Oyekunle T.O.(2005) Current variation in the electrical resistivity probing using Wenner and Schlumberger arrays in a basement terrain J.Geophys. Eng, 2, 118-125_(U.K)

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[28] F. O. Ogundare, F. A. Balogun, J. A. Olowofela, C. E. Mokobia and O. O. Fasunwon (2006)

Thermoluminescence characteristics of natural dolerite Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 243(2006) 156-160. [Abstract]

[29] J.A.Olowofela and V.C. Ozebo (2006) Electromagnetic Modelling with wave tilt and reflection coefficient: an application to stratified earth media using low and radio frequencies.J.Geophys.Eng. 3 , 160-168_(U.K). [Abstract]

[30] Akinyemi O.D. Olowofela, J.A., Akinlade O.O. and Akande O.O. (2006)Thermal Conductivity of Soils with heavy metals concentration from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.J.Zheinjing Univ. SCIENCE B.7(8) 615-618

[31] O.D.Akinyemi, T.J. Sauer and J.A.Olowofela Reducing Contact Resistance Errors in Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Porous Media Journal of Appled Science and Technology (JAST) Vol.121. Nos 1 & 2 ,2007, 52-57 (Ghana)

[32] O.D.Akinyemi and J.A.Olowofela (2006) In situ Spatial Variability of Thermal Conductivity and Volumetric Water Content in a Silty Top Soil Journal of Appled Science and Technology (JAST) Vol.11. Nos 1 & 2,2007, pp.58-64

[33] O.O.Fasunwon, J.A..Olowofela, O.D.Akinyemi and A Asunbo Ground-Magnetic Study of Ijapo Area of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.Nigerian Journal of Physics 19(1), 2007, 89-96. [Abstract]

[34] J.A.Adegoke and J.A.Olowofela Variability of Permeability with diameter of conduit PRAMANA – J. Phys Vol.70, No 5, May 2008, 991-999

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[38] O.D. Akinyemi, J.A.Olowofela and O.O.Fasunwon A numerical Model to predict vertical diffusion of contaminants in an open channel systems..African Physical Review vol. 2, 173-181

[39] O.Fasunwon, J.Olowofela O.Akinyemi B.Fasunwon and O.Akintokun.Contaminants evaluation as water quality indicator in Ago-Iwoye, South-Western, Nigeria.African Physical Review vol. 2, 110-116


[40] Coker J.O. Makinde V. and Olowofela J.A. Geophysical Investigation of Groundwater Potentials of Oke-Badan Estate, Ibadan, Southwestern,Nigeria. Poceedings of the Third Conference on Science and National Development, 119-131. College of Natural Sciences, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.


[41] O.D. Akinyemi , T.J.Sauer and J.A.Olowofela Spatial Variability of Soil Thermal Properties in a Clay Soil in Nigeria. (Poster No. 317, A3-A8 session, ASA-SSSA, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

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