Ozebo, V. C: Publications


(i) V.C. Ozebo (2006). Electromagnetic Modeling with wave tilt and reflection coefficient: Application to stratified earth media using radio and very low frequencies. ( Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Physics, University of Ibadan).

(ii) V.C. Ozebo (2000). Gravity Interpretation using the Mellin transform: Application to the older granite suite in Zaria area of Kaduna state (M.Sc Dissertation, Department of Physics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan).

(iii) V.C. Ozebo (1991). Design and construction of a Kitchen timer. (B.Sc. dissertation, Department of Physics, University of Lagos, Akoka).

F2. Books

(i)  Kola Odunaike and V.C. Ozebo (2008). Kinematics: Chapter 2 of Concise General Physics for colleges, Polytechnic and Universities. Edited by Odunnaike Kola, Jibiri Nnamdi and Laoye Bidemi. Vol. 1. pp 34-60. ISBN 978086370 – 8

(ii) V.C. Ozebo (2008). Sound waves: Chapter 2 of Introductory Remedial Physics. Edited by Odunaike Kolawole, Fasunwon Olusola and Laoye Abidemi Vol. 2.pp 10-21. ISBN 978086371 – 5

F3. Published Journal Articles

(i) Olowofela, J.A and Ozebo, V.C (2002): The Mellin Transform Interpretation of the Zaria Older Granite suite Gravity Anomaly. Nigerian Journal of Science 36 (2) 221 -228.

(ii) Olowofela, J.A. and Ozebo, V.C. (2006): Electromagnetic Modeling With Wave Tilt And Reflection Coefficient: An Application to Stratified Earth Media Using Radio And Low Frequencies. J. Geophys. Eng. 3 160 – 168 (Institute of Physics, Publishing, U.K.)

(iii) O.O. Fasunwon, V.C. Ozebo, G. Omisore, J.A. Laoye, R.K. Odunaike, V.U. Chukwuma and G. Ijeoma (2005): Correlation of VES and Magnetic Survey Results in Groundwater Delineation of a Part of Southwestern Nigeria Nig Journal of Physics 17S 145 – 157.

(iv) V C Ozebo, R.K. Odunaike and A. A. Balogun (2008): Identification of depth to top of limestone body within a concession at Ibese, Southwestern Nigeria, using vertical electric sounding. Medwell Online Journal of Earth Sciences 2 (3) 99-107.ISSN 1991-7708

(v) R.K. Odunaike, V.C. Ozebo, S.K. Alausa and I.M. Alausa (2008) Radiation Exposure to Workers and Villagers in and Around Some Quarry Sites in Ogun State of Nigeria. Medwell Environmental Research Journal 2 (6) 348-350.

ISSN 1994-5396

(vi) O.O. Odusote and V.C. Ozebo (2008):Home>Vol.12 (2008)>” target=”_blank”> Electromagnetic fields and Biotissue Interactions Journal of Nigerian Assoc. of Mathematical Physics Vol. 12 (May, 2008) 161-164. Odusote

(vii) V.C. Ozebo, O.O. Odusote, G. Omisore and A.I. Ibiyemi (2008): Home>Vol.12″ target=”_blank”>A geophysical
Study of Structural foundations in Omolayo Area, Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Nigerian Assoc. of Mathematical Physics,
Vol. 12 (May, 2008), 267 – 278 (2008> Ozebo

F4: Published Articles in Refereed Proceedings

(viii) Ozebo, V.C. (2002): The Quest for Environmental Friendly Designs and Innovations: A case for Renewable Energy In: Oladimeji, T.A.G, Ibeneme, O.T, Akinseinde, S.L, Ogunyemi, M.A, and Tukura, H.M (Eds.) Technology Education and Environmental  Issues in Nigeria. Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology (NATT). ISBN: ISSN 1119 – 4278

(ix) V.C Ozebo and F.M. Shofoluwe . Application of Electrical Resistivity method to environmental investigations in Akobo, Ibadan, Nigeria. Refereed Proceedings, Physics for sustainable environment and economic empowerment

ISBN 978-978-086-373-9

(x)  V.C. Ozebo; O.O. Odusote and I.O. Oseni. Geophysical and Geotechnical Evaluation of Foundation Conditions in Lagos area, South Western Nigeria. Refereed Proceedings, Physics for sustainable environment and economic empowerment ISBN 978-978-086-373-9

(xi)  O.O. Odusote, V.C. Ozebo and Z.T. Adaraloye. Briquettes from Sawdust and Plastic Waste. Refereed Proceedings, Physics for sustainable environment and economic empowerment ISBN 978-978-086-373-9

F6 Unpublished Conference / Workshop papers and Public Lectures

(i) V.C. Ozebo (2000): Strategies for Effective Communication in Physics In a Classroom A paper presented at a Seminar organized by the Research and Publication Committee Federal College of Education Gusau.

(ii) V.C. Ozebo (2000): Resources for Communicating Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) : The Physics Experience. A paper presented at the National Conference of Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN) held at Awka, Anambra State 21st – 26th August.

(iii) V.C. Ozebo (2001): Nigerian Women and their Attitude toward Physics Education (A case Study of some selected Schools in Zamfara State). A paper presented at National Conference of STAN held at Ilorin, Kwara State, 20th – 25th August.

(iv) V.C. Ozebo and S.A.Ajiroba Groundwater Assessment in Apapa Coast-line Area of Lagos Using Electrical Resistivity Method. A paper presented at the National Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP) held at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, 15 -18 October, 2008

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