Adubi, K.O: Conferences Attended

Conferences Attended

1. 13th Annual Congress of Nigerian Rural Sociology Association (NRSA). Conference theme: Food Security and Rural Development in a Deregulated Economy, 25th and 28th November, 2003.

2. 9th Annual National Conference of Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON). Conference theme: Structure and Operation of Agricultural Extension in a Democratic and Deregulated Economy 8th – 11th March, 2004 held at Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria.

3. 14th Annual Congress of Nigeria Rural Sociological association (NRSA). Conference theme: Promoting Rural and national Economic Transformation Through Agricultural Revolution, held between 7th – 10th November, 2005 at Olabisi Onabanjo University College of Agricultural Sciences, Yewa Campus Ayetoro, Ogun State

4. Conferences: 4th National Symposium on Nigerian Art 29th -3rd Nov. 2009

5. 21st Annual National Congress of the Nigerian Rural Sociological Association held at University of Ibadan, Nigeria between 7th- 11th October, 2012.

6. 10th National Research and Development Conference and Network Meeting of Children and Youth In Agriculture Programme in Nigeria (CYIAP Network).11th-14th March, 2013.

7. 3rd Annual National Conference of Family and Consumer Sciences Society of Nigeria (FACSSON) 26-28th, June 2014. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

8. 11th National Research and Development Network of Children and Youth in Agriculture Program (CYIAP NETWORK), Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ayetoro. 20th – 24th, October 2014.

9. 4th Annual Conference of Family and Consumer Sciences Society of Nigeria (FACSSON) held between 2nd – 6th November, 2015 at Adeyemi Federal University of Education, Ondo.

10. 5th Annual Conference of Family and Consumer Sciences Society of Nigeria (FACSSON) held between 8th – 11th November, 2016 at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun

11. 1st International Conference of Food Science and Human Ecology (ICOFHEC 2016) and Safety Enhancement of Edible Products, Legislation, Analysis and Management Workshop (SELAMAT) 21st -23rd November, 2016. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.




1. APANTAKU, S.O. and ADUBI, K.O. (2004): “Analysis of Senior Secondary Agricultural Science Students attitude towards agriculture as a career in Ogun State, Nigeria.” Proceedings of Ninth Annual National Conference of the Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria.

2. ADUBI, K.O., (2005): “Women role performance and youth involvement in farm pilferage in rural communities in Ogun State” in Adedoyin S.F and Adeokun O.A Eds. Pilferage and Biopiracy: Implication for food security, employment and poverty reduction in Nigeria. National Research Network on Pilferage in Agriculture. Pp 87-89

Trainings and Workshops Attended

Workshop on training Organized by UNICEF at Osun State College of Education, September 1994.

Member, Workshop for Master on Population/Family life Education Organized by NERDC assisted by UNFPA/Osun State government. May 23rd – June 4, 1999.

Master Trainer, Workshop on Population/Family life Education for Teachers in Secondary schools in Osun State. UNFPA –assisted project 1st July-4th Aug., 2000.

Master Trainer, Workshop on Population/Family life Education for Teachers in Ife/Ijesa zone of Osun State. UNFPA assisted project 8th -29th Aug., 2001.

Participant, 3-day stakeholders meeting on review of Ogun State Agricultural Policy Organized by JDPC for Ogun State government 9th – 11th June, 2004.

Consultant, A day Stakeholders meeting on review of Progrmme and next 5 year plan 5th November, 2004.

1st Southwest AESON Workshop, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ayetoro, December 2004.

Resource Person, Artesenal Utilization of Soybean to Soybean farmers during UNAAB- Nestle Soybean Production Popularization.

Resource Person, UNAAB-AMREC village meeting to university research villages.

Participant, UNAAB-AMREC in-house Review Meeting, 29th-30th November 2005. Participant, Workshop on Writing Grant- Winning Research Proposal, January 2006.

Participant, UNAAB-AMREC Extension Orientation Workshop for Academic Staff, April 18-19, 2006.


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