Adubi, K.O: Publications

Journal Articles

1.  ADUBI K.O (1995) “Adoption of home Improvement Practices among Women in Osun State.” Journal of Nigerian Association for Education for Education Media and Technology. Vol.5, No.4. pp 678 – 683.

2.  ADUBI, K.O. (2004): “Factors Associated with Traditional role performance of Rural women in Osun State of Nigeria.” Journal of rural Research and Information.

3.  ADUBI K.O and JIBOWO A.A (2005) “Modern role Performance by rural Women for enhancing food security and poverty alleviation in Osun state, Nigeria.” Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology, (Vol.5, No.1 & 2) pp 53 – 59.

4.  ADUBI, K.O (2005): “Women’s level of satisfaction with Marital life in selected rural communities of Osun State, Nigerian” journal of Agricultural Management and Rural Development (JAMARD) vol. 2, pp 38 – 50.

5.  ADUBI, K.O and JIBOWO, A.A (2006): Perception of Women in their role performance and its relevance in promoting rural development in Osun State, Nigeria”. Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology N.J.R.S. (Vol.6, No.1 & 2) pp 49 – 55.

6.  ADUBI, K.O (2007): “Environmental Incentives and motivational factors for involvement of children in agricultural practices” ASSET, and international journal, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. (In press)

7.  AWOTUNDE, J.M, ADAMU, C.O, ADUBI, K.O, OGUNWALE, B.D, (2007): “Socio-economic factors associated with small scale processing of locust bean seeds (parkia biglobosa L.) among rural women in Akinyele Local Government Area, Oyo State”. Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology. (Vol.7, No.1 & 2) pp. 70 – 75.

8.  ADEGITE, D.O, ADUBI, K.O, OLORUNTOBA, O.A, OYEKUNLE, O, SOBANKE, S.B (2007): Impact of National Fadama Development Project II on small-scale farmers income in Ogun State: Implications for financial support for farmers in ASSET.

9.  OGUNDELE K.O (1990): “An evaluative Study of Pre-primary education in Ondo State. Book of Reading on history of education Development in Ondo State. Edited by Olu Aderonmu, W.O.

10.  APANTAKU, S.O. and ADUBI, K.O. (2004): “Analysis of Senior Secondary Agricultural Science Students attitude towards agriculture as a career in Ogun State, Nigeria.” Proceedings of Ninth Annual National conference of the Agricultural Extension society of Nigeria.

11.  ADUBI, K.O (2005): “Women role performance and youth involvement in farm pilferage in rural communities in Ogun State”. Proceedings of 2nd Annual National Research Network Conference of the National Research on Pilferage in Agriculture. pp 87 – 89.

12.  ADEGBITE, D.A.; OLORUNTOBA, A.O.; ADUBI, K.O.; OYEKUNLE, O. and SOBANKE, S.B. (2008): “Impact of National Fadama Development Project II on Small-scale Farmer’s Income in Ogun State: Implications for Agricultural Financing in Nigeria”. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Vol.10, No.3).

13.  DIYAOLU, I.J; AKINWUNMI, T.M. and ADUBI, K.O (2010): “Role of Dress in Socio-Cultural Events Among the Ijebu-Yoruba”. Journal of Home Economics Research (JHER) Vol. 13.

14.  ADUBI, K.O. and ADEGBITE, D.O. (2011): “Improving Rural Women’s Traditional role for Family Sustainable Developments in Osun State, Nigeria”. Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development Vol.7.

15.  DIYAOLU, I.J, AJILA, K.O. and ADUBI, K. O (2012) Stemming the tide of Mass Unemployment through sustainable job opportunities in clothing and Textile designs. International journal of Family and consumer sciences (Vol 1)

16.  BAMIDELE, T. A and ADUBI, K. O (2012). Perception of Rural Women Towards Rattan Processing for economic Empowerment in Araromi-Owu, Community in Osun State, Nigeria. Proceedings of the 21st Annual National Congress of the Nigerian Rural Sociology Association held at University of Ibadan, Nigeria 7th-11th October, 2012.

17.  LABODE OLADOYIN, ADUBI KIKELOMO, and SALVAGE, O (2013) The Aesthetics of Wall Hanging and designs as part of the Furniture arrangement for Office and Home Interior. “Ijinle Asa” A journal of Arts, Culture and Ideas Vol 8

18.  BAMIDELE, T. A and ADUBI, K. O (2013) An Assessment of Youths Involvement in Traditional Cloth Dyeing in Nigeria: An Empirical Evidence from Owu Enclave in Ogun State. Proceedings of the 10th National Research and Development Conference and Network Meeting of children and Youth In Agriculture Programme in Nigeria (CYIAP Network).11th-14th March, 2013.  

19.  AYODELE, M.A, AROWOLO, O.O, ADUBI, K.O, AYODELE, O.P (2016): “Assessment of the Anthropometric Parameters of Rural Children Attending Pre-primary Schools in Ibarapa Central, Oyo State, Nigeria”. Journal of Sustainable Development. (Vol. 13, No. 1) pp. 87-89

20.  ADUBI, K. O and AKINBODE, O. O (2016). Effectiveness of Extension Methods Employed in the Prevention of Child Abuse Practices among Families in Odeda Local Government, Ogun State. International Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences (IJFACS), 5; 62-70. Published by Family and Consumer Sciences Society of Nigeria.

i  Home Economics for Junior Secondary Schools, BK 1, Co-authored, Published by Melrose books and publishing limited
ii  Home Economics for Junior Secondary Schools, BK 2, Co-authored, Published by Melrose books and publishing limited
iii  Home Economics for Junior Secondary Schools, BK 3, Co-authored, Published by Melrose books and publishing limited

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