Akinwumi, T.M: Conferences Attended

Art and Exhibition Publications

(14) 1975 (Group) Juried Exhibition, Contemporary Textile Designs, a 7- man Group Textile Exhibition Organized by Society of Nigerian Artists held at National Museum Lagos. Exploration of design theme derived from Nigerian folk tales. I featured Print designs titled ‘’The King’s Daughters and the

Tortoise’’ Akiti ‘’ and Alujanjankijan’’. Works reported and discussed in Daily Times 5 July 1975, p. 12.

(15) 1985 (Group) Juried Exhibition Offerings from gods. A group Art Exhibition. Catalogue Published by Society of Nigeria Artists. My Works are on

pp. 13,40. Exhibition held at the National Theatre, Lagos. I featured a set of large complex ornate wax print designs and textile prints titled ‘’Unife Ornate Garden’’ and ‘’Opobipobi Oripoplobi’’ folktale.

(16) 1988 (Group) Juried Exhibition Yabatech Staff Art at 40, a group Art Exhibition Catalogue published by Yaba College of Technology. Exhibition

sponsored by the Federal Department of Culture and held at the National Theatre, Lagos. Here it was a further exploration of Nigerian folktales. My

works are on tortoise stories and fables. Besides, I displayed my own Creations on high fashion embroidered designs on Yoruba women’s Iro, buba

blouse, gele and Ipele.

(17) 1992 (Group) Silk Screen Printing, a Group Art Exhibition organized by Goethe Institute, Lagos. Exhibition being outcome of workshop conducted by W. Ballof, A German Printmaker at Yabatech.

(18) 1992 (Group) Juried Exhibition. The Artist Now, a Group Exhibition Catalogue published by Society of Nigerian Artists. My works are on pp. 15, 55 and 56.

Exhibition held at the National Museum Lagos.

(19) 1999(Group) Social History Show iv, a 10-man group art exhibition organized by Bronx River Art Centre and Gallery, New York in collaboration with Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for Arts. My exhibited two works on social history theme were ‘’Some Nigerian Wedding Conditionalities and Controversies’’ and “Worship in Africa’’ They all mirrored some socio-historical realities of our contemporary times. (New York) (USA).

(20) 1996 (Group) Editions a 24-man printmakers Exhibition organized Skoto Gallery, New York. The review of the exhibition is titled ‘’Contemporary International Printmakers’’ by Carl E. Haywood. My exhibited two works were ‘’Some Towers and Mansions of Our Time’’ and “The Big Question: Which Bird shall Bring Rain for us? ‘’The two works differently and separately note the emergence of architectural landmarks in Nigeria and also the Jinxed Attempt by Chief M.K.O Abiola to lead the Nigerian Nation-State out of its political wood. (New York) (USA).

(21) 2004 (Group) Just Prints First Annual Printmaker Exhibition (Juried). Held at Mydrim Gallery, Ikoyi-Lagos. My works is listed on p. 13, Remark on p. 8 of catalogue.

(22) 2006 – 2008 Group Roving Exhibition of 50th Anniversary of Ahmadu Bello University Art School. My Prints is listed on page 5 of Zaria catalogue. It is a Roving Exhibition to three cities. Exhibition moved from Zaria to Lagos; it is going next to Abuja before the end of 2008 (Prestigious catalogue assured for the Abuja event)

(23) 2008 (One-man) The Kingdom Life: an Art Exhibition of T-Shirts. Exhibition of 19 works serving as a Design Model and propaganda tool for spreading the gospel of Christ. Produced as an experimental project for helping selected Christian Ministries (Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) in their

evangelical outreach in Shagamu, Ijebu-Ode Abeokuta, Ilaro and Otta (Ogun State). Exhibition held at National Gallery of Art Abeokuta.

(24) 2008 (One-man) For Your Delight, An Art Exhibition of Expression of Mixed Feelings on T-Shirts. Themes for the 14 works exhibited were derived from general observations: flora and fauna, culture, alphabet designs from medieval period, war and effect, to the subject of outer space

interpretations. Exhibition held at Grillo Art Gallery, School of Art Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.



(33) Akinwumi ,T.M (1993) “Woven Shawls of Obamadesera: An Account of the Development and Loss of a Weaving Artistry” in B. Campbell, et al (eds) Seminar proceeding on Creativity in Nigeria, Ile-Ife, Dept of Fine Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, pp. 153-165

(34) Akinwumi ,T.M (1996)“ The State of Yoruba Textile Studies” in N. Wolff, M. Littrell and B. Wahab (eds.), Proceedings of the Textile and Clothing Research Workshop. Ibadan: USAID-IOWA-NIGERIA University, Development Linkage Project, pp.21-26

(35) Akinwumi ,T.M (2006) “Ayoola Alabi, A Leader of a Movement in Contemporary Adire Art” In Proceedings on the Second National Symposium

on Nigerian Art Abuja: National Gallery of Art pp. 188-202.

Technical Reports

(36) Akinwumi ,T.M (2006) “Assessment of Support Services and Capacities for Identified Cluster: Abeokuta Tie and Dye Cluster. Project initiated by and submitted to UNDP/SMEDAN, Abuja, 44 pages

Journal Articles Undergoing Review

1. Akinwumi ,T.M “ The African Print Hoax: Machine Produced Textiles Jeopardizes African Print Authenticity “, Journal of Pan African Studies (USA)

2. Akinwumi ,T.M “The Origins and Development of Yoruba Chieftaincy Printed Cloth as New African Leadership Art Object”, Clothing and Textiles Research Journal (USA)

3. Akinwumi ,T.M “ Wall –gecko Motifs in Scarification and Fabrics: Their Preventive Significance in Magico-Religious Management of Yoruba Abiku”

Africa. (UK)

Research and Development

I initiated the design and fabrication of many prototypes need to assist the fast growing Nigerian Textile Cottage Industry over the past decades at the Polytechnic level. Some of the successful prototypes done under my supervision at the Yaba College of Technology Lagos included:

1. 1989 “Design and Production of an Ideal Fabric Printing Bed for Yabatech workshop 30 ft metal bed” Comment: This is still in use.

(Students involved: V.A. Adegbite, M. Sadiq, O.S. Paul, O.A. Oderinde, A.B. Oghenesuwhe (Mrs), D.F. Ogunlowo, W.O. Mumuni and D.A. Akinwande)

2. 1990 “Design and fabrication of a Cottage Textile Steamer for Yabatech workshop” Comment: This is still in use. (Students involved: M.L. Akinfolarin, A.A. Ogunlowo, O.J. Omolowo, M.O. Osho, A.S. Solabomi, A.T. Wuraola and U. Okolo)

3. 1991 “Design and fabrication of an Ideal Cottage Textile Oven” Comment: Used for a while.(Students involved: L.A. Alatishe, S.R. Awoleye, T. Ejimofor, B. Motayo, R.N. Obi and O. Odekunle)

4. 1996 “Design and fabrication of a Stove-powered Jig Dying Machine for the Nigerian Textile Cottage Industry” Comment: Still in use (Students involved: A.T. Adegoke, O. Banwo, T. Fajoyegbe, K. Ogunsola and M. Odey)

(i) Local and International Conferences at which I Presented Papers or Served as The Guest Speaker

1. “Determinants Influencing the Creative Performance of Print Designers in Textile Mills: Some General Considerations” presented at the Occassional Lecture Series on My Profession organized by the International Women’s Society of Nigeria held at Corona International School Hall Ikoyi Lagos, April 10, 1984.

2. “African Dress Print Innovation: Whither the Nigerian Polytechnic and Textile Industry”? Presented at the Maiden Seminar of the South Eastern Zone of Possan on the theme “Discipline and Innovation” I.M.T. Enugu August 15-16,1984.

3. “The Alafinate of Yoruba and Pre-colonial Development of Court Dress” Paper delivered at the Seminar of African Art in Historical Perspective University of Lagos, Centre for Cultural Studies, Lagos, December 11-15, 1984.

4. “Fabrics Meant for Event Commemoration within Yoruba Families and Convivial Groups. History and Provenance” Paper delivered at the Annual Conference of Society of Nigerian Artists, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, January 27-29,1992.

5. “Modern Art Exhibition and Patronage: A Historical Overview of the Nigerian Experience ” Paper delivered as Guest Speaker at the Opening of Bob Blackburn’s Print Making Workshop Exhibition from the USA held at the USIS, Lagos, February, 1995. ( A United States Government sponsored project)

6. “The Lagos Colonial Elite and their Buba Blouse Proscription for Yoruba Women’s Improper Dressing, c. 1880-1920” Paper presented at the Tenth Triennial symposium of African Arts New York University, USA April 19-23, 1995. (A United State Government Sponsored)

7. “Curriculum Planning for Graduate Entrepreneurship in Textile Cottage Industry: The Yabatech Experience” Paper delivered at the National Conference on Entrepreneurship Education, Federal College of Education (Technical), Umunze Anambra State. 5-8 September, 1995

8. “Equipment Maintainance Manufacture and Technology Development: The Yabatech Experience, 1984-1996” Paper delivered at a National Consultative Workshop on Equipment Maintainance, Manufacture and Technology Development in Nigeria held at International Conference Centre, Abuja, October 9-10, 1996.

9. Creativity from the Discards: An Overview of the American Experience “ A Guide Talk Presented at the Opening Ceremony on the United States Touring Exhibition entitled Recycle, Reuse, Recreate in the USIS Auditorium, Lagos February 27, 1997 (United States Government Sponsored).

10. Pre- Colonial Yoruba Dress Study : An Exploration With Oral Tradition’’ Paper delivered at the Conference on Dress in History: Studies and Approaches, Organized by the Gallery of Costume, Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K July 3-6, 1997, (British Government Sponsored )

11. “Nigeria’s International Fashion Styling: its Western Critics and Design of Africa’s Past in the New Millennium” Paper delivered at the Fashion Designers Associations of Nigeria’s Tenth Anniversary held in Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries Auditorium, Lagos 23 November 1999.

12. “Nigerian Political Commemorative Fabric: Its Risks and Waste in Historical Perspective” paper delivered at the Industrial Design Week Yaba College of Technology, Yusuf Grillo Auditorium, 23 July, 2001.

13.  “Yoruba Chieftaincy Installation Cloth: A New Medium of African Leadership Art Object” Paper presented at the Conference on Chieftaincy in African Culture, Governance and Development held at the Institute of African Studies University of Ghana, Legon, Accra 6-10 January 2003.

14.  “The Saramaka (Surname) Cicatrisation Aesthetics, Its Verbal Representation the African Parallel and its Decline” Paper delivered at the Conference on Literacy Manifestations of African Diaspora, at University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Nov 10-14, 2003.

15. “Oral Traditional and Reconstruction of Yoruba Dress History and Culture” Paper delivered at the Conference on Perspectives on Yoruba History and Culture held at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, 26-28 March 2004

16. “Beyond the Hair: Dress of the Ilari in Oyo Imperial Service” Paper delivered at the Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, Chicago USA April 3-5, 2008.

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