Akinyemi, O. D: Conferences Attended


  1. Akinyemi, O. D., Sauer, T. J. and Olowofela, J. A. (2003) Fractal Characterization of the thermal and hydrological properties of clayey soil. Poster No. 317, A3-A8, ASA-CSSSA-SSSA Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA. 2003, (U.S.A).
  2. Akinyemi, O.D. and N. Mendes (2006) Experimental validation of a heat and mass model in near-surface dynamics. (Refereed) Proceedings of the 11th Brazilian Congress of Thermal Sciences and Engineering, ENCIT `2006, (Brazil).

  3. Sauer, T.J., Ochsner, T.E., Heitman, J.L., Horton, R., Tanner, B.D., Akinyemi, O.D., Hernandez-Ramirez, G. and Moorman, T.B. (2008) Careful measurements and energy Balance Closure- The Case of soil Heat Flux. The 18th Conference on Atmosphere BioGeoSciences/28th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology/28th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology (28 April – 2 May 2008, Orlando, FL).

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