Balogun, O. O: Courses Taught


Adeniji, F.O. (Miss): Maize-Miling Waste in the Nutrition of Breeding rabbits – 1990
Adeniji, A.A.: Further Studies on the Utilization of Blood – Rumen Content Mixture in the Performance Laying Hens – 1991
Yousuf, M.B.: Predicting Energy Values of Nigerian Conventional and Alternative Feeds/Feedstuffs from their Chemical Composition – 1991
Olupona, J.A.: Protein and Energy Values of some Brewers Dry Grain and Abattoir By-products for rabbits. July, 1991
Ajaguna, A.A.:  Influence of Soybean Meal and Cotton Seed Cake on Growth and Development of the Small Intestine of Weanling pigs. Sept., 1991
Bolu, S.A.O. Alternative Local and Natural Vitamin Sources for laying Hens
Malik, AA.: The Effect s of Storage on the Efficacy of an Alternative Vitamin Supplement for layers – 1995
Adeoye, P.: Replacement Value of Decomposed Rumen For Wheat Offal in Layers Feeding – 1997


Adeniji, A.A.: The Value of Bovine Blood-Rumen Content Meal as a Feed Stuff for Pullets – 1996
Bolu, S.A.O.: Response of Broilers to Alternative Locally Produced Natural Vitamin Premix – 2000
Yousuf, M.B.: Effect of Dietary Nickel-Supplement on Performance and Metabolic Parameters on the West African dwarf goat.
Co-supervised with Dr. A.A. Adeloye as major supervisor.

The Study reported in publication 15.1.37 led to the development and commercialization of BABENA-a baby cereal formula produced by GLAXO Nigeria Limited, Agbara, Lagos as a least-cost alternative baby food to the imported baby cereal foods. The product is now a house-hold name in Nigeria.
Studies reported in Publications 16.1.40, 16.1.48, 16.1.50, 16.1.52, 16.1.56 and Ph.D. thesis No. 16.2.10 have resulted in the development of least-cost herbal vitamin premixes as alternatives to imported synthetic/chemical brands. The natural/herbal Vitamin Premixes are currently been produced on small scale by Balex Feeds and are adjudged very effective by Poultry farmers.

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