Bamgbose, A. M: Research



Specialized in Animal Nutrition & Agricultural Biochemistry



(a) Research in progress
• Utilization of rice milling waste in weaner rabbit diets
• Enzyme supplementation of agro-industrial wastes in rabbit and poultry nutrition
• Utilization of processed pigeon pea in diets for broilers, cockerels and rabbits
• Nutritional evaluation of lesser known protein feedstuffs with albino rats.

(b) Research completed (Article under Review)
(i) Bamgbose, A.M. and Onwekeme, U.G. Inclusion of decorticated cottonseed cake in rations of broiler chickens: Performance and serum metabolites. Nigerian Veterinary Journal.
(ii) Fasina-Bombata, H.A and Bamgbose, A.M. Utilization of chicken offal meal as an alternative protein supplement for Clarias gariepinus fingerkungs. Journal Perspective Science.
(iii) Bamgbose, A.M., Mabadeje, A.T. Osofowora, A.O., Olayemiu, W.A and Oso, A.O. Performance of wenaer rabbits fed rice millinh waste based diets. World Rabbit Science Journal.
(iv) Bamgbose, A.M., Faluyi, O.F., Babajide, J.M., Oso, A.O., Osofowora, A.O. and Olayemi , W.A. Nutritional evaluation of processed pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) based diets with albino rats. Asset.
(v) Bamgbose, A.M., Oketoyinbo, A.V., Oso, A.O., Osofowora, A.O. and Olayemi, W.A. Performance of cockerel starters fed processed pigeon pea based diets. Bioresource Technology.
(vi) Bamgbose, A.M. and Alaka, Kafayat. Nutritional evaluation of Baobab (Adanosonia digitata) seed meal with rats. Moor Journal Agricultural Research.

Extension Activities
• Resource Person – Open – Day programme for secondary school pupils organized by AMREC and World Poultry Science Association – Nigeria Branch 1999 – 2000
• Demonstrator – Rabbit farming using least cost diet. Harmony Farmers Association, Abeokuta – 2001.
• AGRISCOPE, NTA 12, ABEOKUTA – A television interview on “Commercial Rabbit Production in Nigeria” 10th May, 2002.
• Practical Poultry Feeding programme – Society for Human Development and Resourcefulness, Cyclic International (NGO), Abeokuta – 2003.
• Technical Adviser to student’s Farmers group (Ibadan, Lagos, Abeokuta) on management of Rabbits, Layers, Turkeys and Pigs. 2004 to date.
• Staff Adviser – NASSA, UNAAB – 2002 to date.

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