Eruvbetine, D: Conferences Attended


i. ERUVBETINE, D. (1994) “Effect of method of storage and duration of storage on the quality of eggs.” Paper presented at the XIXth Annual Conference of the Nig. Soc. For Anim. Prod. – Benin.

ii. ERUVBETINE, D. and OGUNTONA, E.B. (1995) “Abdominal fat content of broilers and layers fed cassava-based diets”. Paper presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the Nutr. Society of Nigeria. Abeokuta.

iii. ERUVBETINE, D. and OKON, I.O. (1996). “Carcass characteristics of broilers fed local and imported fishmeals.” Paper presented at the XXIst Annual conference of the Nig. Soc. For Anim. Prod. Uyo.

iv. ERUVBETINE, D., OGUNTONA, E.B. and AFOLAMI, C.A. (1996) “Reduced feed costs with cassava (Manihot esculenta) in poultry diets.” Paper presented at the XXth Worlds’ Poultry Congress. New Delhi, India.

v. ERUVBETINE, D., DIPEOLU, M.A. and DIXON, N.O. (1997) “ Prevalence of Avian Lymphoid Leuckosis in Ogun State.” Paper presented at the XXVIth Annual Conference of the Nig. Vet. Med. Assoc. Oshogbo.

vi. ERUVBETINE, D., OGUNTONA, E.B. and ADOYE, U.A. 1997. “Preliminary studies on different feeding systems for intensive rearing of snails”. Paper presented at the Biennial Conference of the Ecological Society for Nigeria. Abeokuta. 1997.

vii. ERUVBETINE, D. (1997). Participation in a Workshop for the Inaugural Review and Planning of NCRP-Livestock Diseases Programme. Vom, Plateau State.

viii. ERUVBETINE, D. (1998). “Effective Health care for Poultry Production in the 21st Century.” Paper presented at a workshop organised by Poultry Consult services for all interested in the poultry Industry. Abeokuta.

ix. ERUVBETINE, D. and ADEOYE, J. (1998) “The effect of method of storage and duration of storage on nutrient quality of market eggs” Paper presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria. Sagumu. Ogun State. October 1998.

x. ERUVBETINE, D., AIYEDUN, M.O. and KUSIMO, B.C. (1999) “The effect of cassava – soya inclusion in diets for broiler chicken” Presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the Nig. Soc. for Animal Prod. Ilorin, Kwara State. March 1999.

xi. ERUVBETINE, D. (1999) “The role of the Animal Scientist – Past, Present and Future”. Paper Presented at the Inauguration of ASLIPSA 1998/99 session on 17-4-99 at UNAAB.

xii. BAMGBOSE, A.M. and D. ERUVBETINE 1999. Performance and Nutrient utilization of cockerel starter fed tigernut (Cyperus rotundus L) meal diets. Paper presented at the 30th Annual Conf of Nutr. Soc of Nigeria- Enugu 1999.

xiii. ERUVBETINE, D., WAHAB, A. OGUNTONA, E.B. (2000) Cholesterol content of eggs from hens fed unpeeled cassava root meal diets. Presented at the XXIst World Poultry Congress. August 2000- Montreal- Canada.

ix ERUVBETINE, D. 2001. Unpeeled cassava rootmeal in diets for replacement pullets Paper presented at the 35th Annual Conf. of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria -Abeokuta 2001.

xiv. IDOWU O.M.O. and ERUVBETINE D. 2001. Performance and utilization of broiler chickens fed varying protein levels. Paper presented at the 35th Annual Conf. of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria -. Abeokuta 2001.

xv. ERUVBETINE D. 2001. Mycotoxins the Silent Killer – Invited Paper presented to farmers at Lagos on behalf of Zygosis Nig. Ltd. Lagos November 2001.

xvi. ERUVBETINE, D. 2002. Inclusion of nutrase-xyla in diets containing unpeeled Cassava root-meal based diets for poultry. – Invited Paper presented to farmers at the annual seminar of Bioingredientd Ltd. –Lagos. May 2002

xvii. Special guest at the farmers forum organized by Topfeeds Ltd held in Sagamu, September 2002.

xviii Attendance at the One-day seminar organized by NVMA- Ogun State on “The meat we eat”. Abeokuta, July 2002.

xix Moderator of one day seminar organized NVMA – Ogun State on restricted importation of poultry products” Abeokuta, September 2003.

xx. Keynote speaker on “Nutrition of pet animals” organized by Pedigree feeds- Kensington Nig. Ltd. Lagos, August 2003.

xxi. Speaker in one day seminar organized by Bioingredients Ltd. “Review of the Activities of Feed Enzymes used in Nigeria. What does the farmer need? ”May 2004.

xxii. Resource person on ‘Nutrition of Breeder hens” organized by S&D Farms in collaboration with UNAAB. September 2004.

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