Mustapha, A. O: Conferences Attended

1. Mustapha A. O. Uses of ionising radiation National Training Workshop on Radioisotope Applications for Trouble Shooting and Optimizing Industrial Processes, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), 22 July 2008 Nairobi Kenya

2. Wepukhulu G.W.W., Angeyo K. H., Mustapha A.O., Mangala M.J. Simulation of Environmental Aerosol Loaded Filters for EDXRF Analysis by Least Squares and Comparison with Fundamental Parameters Method, Paper presented at the 6th Edward Bouchet Abdus Salam Institute (EBASI) International Conference on Physics and Technology for Sustainable Development in Africa, January 23-26, 2007 Cape Town-South Africa

3. .Hashim, N.O., I.V.S. Rathore, M.D. Wamwangi, S.K. Katia, R.L. Strangl, A.O. Mustapha and J.P. Patel. Application of Nuclear Techniques to Environmental Physics Research. Fifth Kenya Physical Society Regional Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya. 18-20 Sept. 2000.

4. Mustapha, A.O., I.V.S. Rathore, and J.P. Patel. Preliminary report on radon occurrences in Kenya. First East and Southern Africa regional workshop in Geomedicine, 23-27 June, 1999 Nairobi, Kenya.

5. Mustapha, A.O., Patel, J.P. and Rathore, I.V.S. Assessment of human exposures to natural sources of radiation in Kenya, Fourth radiation physics conference, 15-19 November 1998, Alexandria, Egypt.

6. Mustapha, A.O., Umar, I.M. and Elegba, S.B. and Usman, K. Characterisation of neutron field around a moderated Am-Be isotopic neutron source. Fourteenth Nigerian Institute of Physics annual conference, 8-11 May, 1991, Kano, Nigeria.

e) Books/Monographs, etc.
• Nyongesa, F.W and Mustapha, A.O. Principles of Mechanics (I): A compendium of Lecture notes including problems with step-by-step solutions. (In press – University of Nairobi Press).
• Mustapha, A.O. Introduction to Solid State Physics A distance education learning material, University of Nairobi, Kenya.
• Mustapha, A.O. Introduction to Nuclear Physics A distance education learning material, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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