Apantaku, F. S: Conferences Attended

(1) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. and Oyesola O. B. (1998): Rural Poultry Farmers’ use of electronic mass median and level of production in Egbeda, Nigeria. In Oduguwa, O.O., Fanimo, A.O. and Osinowo, O.A. (Eds). Proceedings of Nigerian Society of Animal Production. Annual Conference , March 21-26, 1998. Gateway Hotel, Abeokuta.

(2) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. (1998): A Comparative Analysis of Cassava of Cassava Yield in a Research Institute ‘s on-station trials and farmers field. In T. A. Olowu (Ed). Towards the Survival of Agricultural Extension System in Nigeria. Proceeding of 3rd Annual Conference of Agricultural Extension.

(3) Apatanku S. O., Apantaku F. S. and Uzochukwu, S.V. (1998): The role of Extension Education in Reducing Production and Consumption of unsafe Commercial Packaged Drinking Water, Ice Lolly products and Cold Cocoa Beverages. In Uzochukwu, S.V.A., Onwuka, C.I.F. and Idowu, M.S. (Eds). Food Security and Survival of Food and Agro-Allied Industries in the Next Millennium. Proceeding of the 21st NIFST Conference, 23-26 November, 1998, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

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