Apantaku, F. S: Publications

(a) Articles in Learned Journals:

(1) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. (1999): Factors associated with difference in improved cassava yield between research stations and farmers field in Oyo State, Nigeria, The Nigerian Rural Sociology Vol.3, (1997), 24 – 29.

(2) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. (1998): Compatality, relative advantage and cost characteristics. A study of factors influencing acceptance of soyabean. Acta University of Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendeliana Brunnesis. XLVI, No.1, 145 – 159. Journal of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Brne(Czech Republic).

(3) Akinsete A. A. and Apantaku F. S. (1998): On the transition probability of serial network in absorbing medium with withdrawals. Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association Vol. 2, (1), 123-133.

(4) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. (1998): Agricultural Extension Undergraduates Attitude toward Extension Work. Review of Growth and Change Vol. 2,(2), 7-13.

(5) Inah E. I. and Apantaku F. S. (1999): Biomass, productivity and Utilization of Range Plants outside conservation area in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Animal Production Vol. 26, 115-119.

(6) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. (1998): Herzberg motivation-hygiene factors and job satisfaction of village extension agent of Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme, Journal of Agricultural Extension. Vol. 2, 23-30. (Letter of Acceptance sent in December 1999) .

(7) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. and Oyesola, O.B. (1999): Poultry farmers’ use of electronic mass media and perceived level of production in Egbeda, Oyo State, Nigeria. NATT Research Series. Vol.17, (1), 4-10.

(8) Apatanku S. O., Sodiya C. I. Apantaku F. S. and Fakoya E. O. (2000): Alternative Internal Sources of Funds for Extension Service in Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Vol.17 (1), 37-54.

(9) Apatanku S. O. and Apantaku F. S. (2000): Farmers Adoption of Recommended International Institute for Tropical International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Cultural Practices as Determinants of TMS 30572 and TMS 30555 Cassava Yields in Ifeloju Local Government Area of Oyo State. Nigeria Journal of Agricultural Education Vol. 3, No. 1 & 2, 18-23.

(10) Apantaku F. S. (2003): A Comparative Study of the Performance of University Students admitted through the pre-degree and University Matriculation Examination Programmes. Asset Series A. Vol. 3, No.3, 107-121.

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