Sanni, S.A: Conferences Attended

  1. 6th Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference Accra, Ghana 21 – 25 July 2014: Paper presented: Conventional Beverage Consumption Pattern Among Undergraduates Of Selected Tertiary Institution In Abeokuta, Ogun State.
  2. 2nd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth Barcelona, Spain, 31 Jan-1 Feb, 2014. Paper presented: Complementary Feeding Practices and Nutritional Status of Children 6-24 Months in Abeokuta South Local Government Area, Ogun State, South West Nigeria.
  • 12th Triennial Symposium of International Society of Tropical Root Crops, ISTRC-AB held at Accra, Ghana, 30 Sept-5th Oct, 2013. Paper presented: Nutritional composition and sensory acceptability of sausage roll and meat pie from high quality cassava flour.
  1. The 2nd Federation of African Nutrition Societies Congress (FANUS). International Conference Centre, Abuja, 11th – 15th September, 2011. Presented paper titled: Nutrient composition and acceptability of cookies from pre-germinated maize flour and defatted groundnut flour blends.
  2. 41st Annual Conference of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Kaduna, October, 2010. Paper presented: Body Mass Index and Food Consumption pattern of stationary and hawking female fish marketers in Abeokuta, Ogun State
  3. 40th Annual Conference of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Akure, October, 2009
  • 33rd Annual Conference of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, 27-30 November 2002.

Seminar/Workshop Attended

  1. Inception Workshop on the establishment of food science and nutrition network in West Africa organized by UNAAB LEMCEL sponsored by Association of African Universities, JAO 02, UNAAB, 25 June 2010.
  2. ETF Research Methodology and Capacity Building workshop for Lecturers of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, Kaduna, 17-21 May 2010
  • Nutritional Health and Beverages consumption conference, UNAAB, organized by Ogun State Chapter, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, October, 2009
  1. Step-down workshop on university ranking and international accreditation, UNAAB, April 2009
  2. Regional training workshop on the use of statistical softwares for data analysis and documentation organized by AAU Food Developer Initiative Project of UNAAB LEMCEL & NIFST, UNAAB, May 2009
  3. Inception workshop organized by AAU-Food Developer Initiative Project, Senate Chamber, UNAAB, March 2009
  • Right to Food Seminar organized by Ogun State Chapter, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nov 2008.
  • RESDEC Sensitization workshop on managing interdisciplinary research for maximum impact, UNAAB, Oct 2008.
  1. Training workshop on Nutrition and Policy Data Analysis using SPSS, Federal Office of Statistics, Abuja organized by IFPRI, Abuja, Nigeria, 13-19 October 2008
  2. Modeling workshop organized by the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and technology, Senate Chamber, UNAAB, May 2008.
  3. Training workshop on Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme Tertiary (ADAPT), LASU, March 10-14, 2008
  • 3rd NIFST Training Workshop on Research Methodology for Young Scientists, UNAAB, 24-27 July 2002.

xiii) Nestle Nutrition State Seminar on the role of Nutrition in Food Security and poverty alleviation, June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta, 2002.

xiv) NIFST-ROCHE Seminar on Food for now and future of Nigeria, Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, August 12, 2003

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