Oduntan, O. O: Publications

• Akinyemi A.F. and Oduntan O.O (2004) An evaluation of the effect of conservation legislation on wildlife offences in Yankari National Park, Bauchi state, Nigeria. Journal of Forestry, Vol.34, No 2. Pg. 28 – 35.

• Oduntan O.O, Akinyemi A.F & Adewumi M.K (2004) Wildlife – Nomads conflicts in Kanji Lake National Park: Problem and Potential Strategies. Tropical Animal Production Investigation. Vol. 7, No 1 Pg. 146-154.

• Oduntan O.O, Ojo V.A and Odunaiya O (2008) Conservation Legislation and Wildlife Offences in Old Oyo National Park: Contribution of Stakeholders. Obeche Journal. Vol. 27, No 1 Pg. 59 – 65.

• Oduntan O.O, Akinyemi A.F and Ayodele I.A. (2009). Attitude of Farmers to Wild Animals in Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands: Causes and Implications. Obeche Journal. Vol. 28, No 1. Pg. 12-16.

Accepted for Publication
• Oduntan O.O, Akinyemi A.F and Abiodun O.A (2008). Assessment of Bird Strike Occurences and Bird Species Abundance at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Nigeria. International Journal of Renewable Natural Resources. Vol. 1, No 1.

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