36th Inaugural Lecture Delivered by Engr. Professor Babatunde Adewale Adewumi

Inaugural Lecture of this great University, the 2nd Inaugural Lecture from the College of Engineering and the 1st from the Department of Agricultural Engineering titled, ‘Transformation of Field to Food Materials: Agro-food Process Engineering Approach’. I am indebted to my highly respected Vice Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, the University Management and my Dean, Professor Samuel Adejuyigbe, for giving me the opportunity to present this lecture.

My choice of Agricultural Engineering was ordered by God through the guidance of a great academic father and grandfather, Prof. E. B. Lucas in 1981 when he encouraged me to select the course, while my choice of crop and food process engineering was guided by my academic mentor, Prof. Emeritus J. C. Igbeka, who was my academic supervisor at first and Master’s degrees. My choice of Agricultural Engineering and specializing in food process engineering has taken me into the deep ocean of knowledge in science, agriculture, technology and engineering, which has spotted me out today by the mercy of God. The ocean of knowledge is indeed too deep and cannot be completely explored but the little we are able to acquire should be made relevant and useful to mankind.

I shall echo two common Yoruba songs related to this discussion to drive home the lessons and stimulate our appetite:

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Professor (Engr.) Babatunde Adewale Adewumi.

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