Adelakun, A. A: Courses Taught



(a)    University of Ibadan (1978 To Date)

1987/1988: Part-Time lecturer in the Department of Mathematics

1988/1989: Lecturer I in the Department of Mathematics. Course taught include MAT 111(Algebra), MAT 121 (Coordinate Geometry and Calculus) and MAT 141 (Mechanics).

1989 to Date: Lecturer I in the Department of Statistics. Courses taught include

(i)    Undergraduate Courses:

STA 111    Basic Statistics

STA 121    Inference I

STA 211    Probability Theory II

STA 240    General Applied statistics

STA 221    Inference II

STA 311    Probability III

STA 351    Statistical Methods

STA 441    Probability IV

STA 442    Distribution Theory II

STA 454    Environmental Statistics

STA 461    Stochastic Processes

(ii)    Postgraduate Diploma Courses

STA 711    Probability and Distribution Theory


(iii)    Professional Diploma (PDS)

STA 390    Practical Project: This is a practical project in Sample Survey Methods usually carried out (under my supervision from 1990 to 195) by the students undergoing the PDS programme.

(iv)    Postgraduate Courses

STS 701    Probability and Stochastic Processes

STA 751    Advance Distribution Theory

STA 756    Advance Probability Theory

STA 764    Advance Sampling Theory

(b)    Ondo State University, Ado-Ekiti (1989-1990) Senior lecturer, Probability Theory and Statistical Inference (Link Programm with the University of Ibadan)


(a)    Undergraduate (B.Sc Projects)

Supervised over 70 projects which include:

(i)    Adeogun, O. (1990)

Comparison of Some Sampling Procedure

(ii)    Festus, Eza (1991)

Statistical Survey of Students Admission into Nigeria Universities 1978-1988

(iii)    Aiyenigba, S.O. (1994)

Comparison of Standard of Living Between Upper and Middle Income Wage Earners.

(iv)    Ajayi, O. (1994)

Analysis of Career Progression among Lecturers: University of Ibadan as a case study.

(v)    Osowole, O.I. (1995)

Analysis of the Effect of Sets of Three Diseases in Relation to Morbidity and Death.

(vi)    Adenuga, Y.A. (Miss) (1995)

Analysis of Reported Cases of Some Childhood Diseases in Lagos State

(vii)    Kalabare, G.S. (1995)
A study of the relationship among Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English Language.

(b)    Postgraduate Diploma (PGDS)

Supervised over 15 projects which include:

(i)    Olaore, F.A. (Mrs.) 1993

A study of the Effectiveness of kinds of food on Live-Weight.

(ii)    Olajide, A.I. (1994)

A statistical study of impact of measles, Wooping-Cough and Tetanus on the total infant mortality in Nigeria. (1979-1988)

(c)    Postgraduate (M.Sc.)

Supervised over 20 M.Sc projects which include:

(i)    Akinbo, R.Y. (1992)

Criteria for “Good ” Classification Procedure

(ii)    Olubusoye, E.O. (1994)

On Model Identification. A case study of Crime Data in Oyo State.

(iii)    Oladele, M.A. (1994)

Analysis of Non-Cardinals Measurable Variables in regression analysis

(iv)    Fagoyinbo, S.I. (1995)

A comparative study of the level of Educational Performance using the Markov Chain Model (A case study of University of Ibadan Academic Programme)

(v)    Oladokun, F. (Miss) (1996)

Stratification and Proportional Allocation under Super population models.

(d)    Postgraduate (M.phil. / Ph.D.)

I am currently supervising the following Mphil/Ph.D. students:

(i)    Mr Badmus, Idowu N.

(ii)    Mrs. Olubiyi, Adenike O.

(iii)    Mr. Olugbode, M.A. (Almost Completed)

(iv)    Mr. Nurudeen, N.A. (Almost Completed)

(v)    Mr. Christopher Udombozo

(vi)    Mr. K.O. Obisesan (Completed)

I am a co-supervisor to at least 3 M.Sc. students and 2 Ph.D. students currently in UNAAB.


(a)    Coordinator, Professional Diploma in Statistics Programme (Nov. 1990- Sept. 1995)

(b)    Coordinator, Bachelor of Science Programme (Oct. 1995 to Date)

(c)    Member, Workshop Coordinating Committee.

(d)    Representative, Faculty Board of Technology

(e)    Coordinator, Students Affairs (Association and Clubs)

(f)    Lecturer-in-Charge of Postgraduate Programmes (M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.) 1994-2006

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