Afolabi, O. R: Publications

(a)  Dissertations and Thesis:

•     Ogundoye, O.R (1990):  Microbial Spoilage of Stored Plantain Fruits. BSc., Dissertation.  University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

•     Ogundoye, O.R (1993): Biochemical Studies and Consumer Acceptability of Soymilk Treated with Alpha and Beta Galactosidases. MSc. Dissertation. University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigera.

•    Afolabi, R. O (2002): Characterization of alpha and beta galactosidases from Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Diverse Sources. PhD Thesis. University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

(b) Articles in Learned Journals:

•    A.I.Sanni, A .A .Onilide O . R. Ogundoye {1997}. Effect of bacterial Galactosidase treatment on nutritional status of  soybean seeds and its milk  derivative. Nahrung  41:18-21

•    A.I. Sanni, A.A. Onilude, I.F. Fadahunsi, R.O. Afolabi (1999). Microbial Deterioration of Traditional Alcoholic Beverages in Nigeria. Foods Research International 32: 1663-1675

•    A.I, Sanni, A.A, Onilude,  R.O. Afolabi, and I.F. Fadahunsi (2001).Effect of Bacteria Galactosidases on Lipoxygenase and its Induced flavour in Soymilk and Soywara. Biosience Research Communication.13 (5): 513-516.

•    Sanni , A.I. Onilude, A.A; Fadahunsi ,I .F; Ogunbanwo, S.T. and Afolabi, R. O.(2002). Selection of Starter cultures for the  Production of Ugba, A Fermented Soup Condiment. European Food Research and Technology. 215 (2): 176-180.

•    Sanni, A.I; Onilude, A.A; Ogunbanwo ,S.T. Fadahunsi, I. F .and Afolabi, O.R.(2002). Production of exopolysaccharide by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Fermented Foods in Nigeria. European Food Research and Technology. 215: 176-180.

•    A.A. Bakare, A, Lateef, O.S. Amuda and O.R. Afolabi   (2003). The  Toxicity and Characterization of Chemical and Microbiological Constituents of Water Samples from Oba River, Odo- Oba, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Microbiology and Environmental Sciences. 5(1):11-17.

•    Afolabi, O.R. and Popoola, T.O.S.(2005). The effects of Baobab Pulp Powder on the  Microflora  Involved inTempe Fermentation. European  Food Research and Technology. 220 (2) 187-190.

•     Afolabi, O. R. and Popoola, T.O.S.(2004). Phytase Activity of Lactobacillus plantarum Isolated from Cassava. Tropical Science. 44:85-87.

•     Popoola,T. O. S; Jolaoso, A.A. and Afolabi, O.R.(2004). Microbiology of Oso Production. Tropical Science. 44:87-90.

•     Afolabi, O.R; and Bankole, M.O.(2006). The Production , Characteristics and Nutritional Quality of Kumin- A Nigerian Fermented Food  Fruit Beverage. Asian  Journal of Microbiology , Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences.

•    *Afolabi, O.R. (2004). Microbial Risk of Hand Measured Re-bagged Powdered Milk. An International Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Sciences, Environment and Technology. (ASSET).3 (1): 67 – 91.

•    *Popoola, T.O.S; Jolaoso, A.A; Afolabi, O.R. and Akintokun, A.K. (2006)  Microbiological studies on the production of oso:  a condiment from fermenting seeds of Cathormion altissinum. Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants.  12: 1/2) 129- 138.

•    *Tope O.S. Popoola,, Adelodun, L. Kolapo and Oluwatoyin R. Afolabi ( 2006). Biochemical Deterioration of Soybean Daddawa- A  Condiment. Journal of  Food, Agriculture and  Environment 5(1): 67-70.

•    *Popoola, A. L.  Kolapo, T.O.S. Popoola, M.O. Sanni and   R. O.  Afolabi (2007). Preservation of soybean daddawa  condiment with dichloromethane   extract of  ginger.  Research Journal of   Microbiology 2 (3): 254 – 259.

•    *Akintokun, A;  A.O. Jolaosho, and R. O. Afolabi ( 2007). Effect of L. plantarum and carbohyderase on microbes and composition of T. procumbensilage. Archivos de Zootecnia 56 (214): 145 – 156.

•    *Afolabi, O.R. Bankole, M.O. and Minz, A. (2007). A rapid and simple protocol for extraction and purification of genomic DNA from Lactobacillus lactis strains from Ogi – A Nigerian Fermented food. Research Journal of Cell and Molecular Biology.

•    *Popoola T.O.S., Kolapo, A.L. and O.R. Afolabi (2008).  Changes in the functional properties as a measure of biochemical deterioration of stored soybean daddawa. Acta Sci. Pol; Technol. Aliment 6(3): 51 – 59.

•    * Afolabi, O.R. Bankole, M.O. and Olaitan, O. J. (2008). Production and Characterization of antimicrobial agents by lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from fermented foods. The Internet Journal of Microbiology. 4 (2).

•    * Afolabi, O.R. and Akintokun, A.K. (2008). Inhibitory Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Ogi on Intestianal Pathogens. International Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Sciences, Environment and Technology. (ASSET) – In press.

*Additional publications after the last promotion.

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