Agbonlahor, M: Publications

1.  Determinants of Child Farm labour use in Rural Households of Ogun State, Nigeria. Ph.D Dissertation Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria (2005)
2.  Economics of Mixed Farming and Food Security: A Case of Poultry/Arable Crop Farmers in Edo State, Nigeria. M.Agric Project, University of Agriculture, (1999)
3.  Optimal Site Selection Decision Making: The GIS Approach. M.GIS
Thesis, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. (2000)
4.   Maternal Health and Cassava Processors’ income in Nsukka Metropolis, Enugu State. B.Agric Project, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.(1995)
5.¬† Agbonlahor, M.U and Ayinde, I.A (2002) ‚Äú Effects of Market and Climatic Factors on Palm oil price in Ogun State, Nigeria‚ÄĚ FAMAN Journal.6(1)48-54.
6.¬† Fabusoro, E and Agbonlahor, M.U (2002). ‚ÄúOptimal Production Plan and Resource Allocation for Small Rice-Based Farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria‚ÄĚ ASSET Journal. Series A 2(2): 37-42
7. M.U. Agbonlahor, A.B. Aromolaran and V.I. Aiboni: ‚ÄúSustainable Soil Management Practices in Small Farms of Southern Nigeria‚ÄĚ: A Poultry- Food Crop Integrated Farming Approach,¬† Journal of Sustainable Agric. Vol. 22 (4) 2003. (Abstract)
8. Ayinde, I. A; Agbonlahor, M. U; Mafimisebi, T. E and Adebayo, O. A  (2004) Assessment of the use of Information Communication  Technologies (ICT) on the Economic Performance of Agro-based     Food     Industries in South-West Nigeria. FAMAN Journal 7(2):20-26
9. Agbonlahor, M.U (2002). ‚ÄúMapping of Nutritional Status of Factory Workers in Lagos state. The GIS Approach‚ÄĚ Proceedings of the 14th Farm Management of Nigeria (FAMAN) Conference, June, 2001, Eds. J. K. Olayemi; S. Kushuwaha and S. O. Akande¬†¬†¬† ¬†
10. Ayinde, I.A; Agbonlahor, M.U and Egwenu, A.A (2002) ‚ÄúEmpirical Analysis of the Consumption Pattern of Chicken Among Households in Abeokuta, Ogun State‚ÄĚ In Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria. September 16th-20th, 2001. Eds. F.K. Salako; S. T.O Lagoke; A. B. J. Aina; D. Eruvbetine and A. O. Dipeolu
11. Fakoya, O. and Agbonlahor, M.U¬† (2002) ‚ÄúThe Role of Women Farmers in Sustainable Soil Management Practices in Ondo State, Nigeria‚ÄĚ. In Proceedings of the 14th Farm Management of Nigeria ¬†¬†¬†
12. Agbonlahor, M. U; Ashaolu, O. F, Ayinde I. A (2006) An Assessment of technical efficiencies in vegetable Fadama farms in Osun State. A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economist. Held at Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso. October  2006.
13.  Agbonlahor, M. U; and Ogunpola, S (2006) Sources of Growth and Supply  Response: A Cross-Commodity Analysis of Nigeria’s Staple Food Sector (1980-2004). A paper presented at the Annual Conference     of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economist. Held at Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso. October ,2006   
14.  Agbonlahor, M. U; Momoh, S and A. O. Dipeolu (2007) Urban Vegetable crop Production and Production Efficiency. International Journal of Vegetable Science. 13(2) :63-72
15.  Agbonlahor, M. U and Momoh, S (2007) Determinants of School Attendance in Rural Ogun State. ASET Journal, 34(3): 23-39
16. T.J.O. Oke,  R. Adeyemo  and M.U. Agbolanhor: “An Empirical Analysis of Microcredit Repayment in Southwester Nigeria; Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Vol. 16 (4) 2007
17. Agbonlahor, M. U, Adeyemo, R and S. B. Williams (2009) Optimal Arable Plan and Child Farm Labour Reduction in Rural Households of Ogun state, Nigeria. Journal of Human Ecology (In Press)
18. Fakoya, E. O; Agbonlahor, M.U and A.O. Dipeolu (2007) Attitude of women Farmers towards Sustainable land Management Practices in South-Western Nigeria. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3(4) 536-542
19. Agbonlahor, M.U (2010)
20. Agbonlahor, M.U and Ashaolu, O.F (2009): Climate change and coping strategies adopted by small-scale crop farmers in southern Nigeria. In: proceedings of Humboldt Kollege conference held at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria 6-10th Sept. 2009
21. Agbonlahor, M. U and Ashaolu, O.F (2011) Climate Change and Coping strategies of Rural Farm Families in Southwest Nigeria. IJBMS 2

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