Awokola, O. S: Courses Taught

(i) AMW 301         Surface Hydrology
(ii) AMW 305       Hydraulics I
(iii) AMW 307      Water Resources Of Nigeria
(iv) AMW 304      Hydraulics II
(v) AMW 306       Water Supply Engineering
(vi) AMW 501       Hydro-Meteorogical Forecasting I
(vii) AMW 502     Hydro-Meteorogical Forecasting II
(viii) AMW 709    Open Channel Hydraulics
(ix) AMW 710       Hydrometry
(x) CVE 303          Hydraulics I
(xi) CVE 309         Civil Engineering Materials
(xii) CVE304        Hydraulics II
(xiii) CVE513        Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
(xiv) CVE 516       Waste Management Engineering
(xv) CVE 502        Irrigation &Drainage Engineering
(xvi) CVE 743       Advanced Surface Hydrology
(xvii) CVE 749      Water Distribution Systems

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