Eromosele, I. C: Courses Taught

•    Introduction to Rubber Technology

•    Petrochemistry

•    Industrial Chemical Processes

•    Polymer Chemistry

•    Heterocyclic Chemistry

•    Carbohydrate Chemistry

•    Amino, Acids, proteins and Nucleic Acids

•    Aromaticity

•    Industrial Chemistry Laboratories

•    Lipid Chemistry

•    Introduction to  Physical properties of Polymers

•    Polymer Technology

•    Physical Organic Chemistry & Reaction Mechanisms


•    Polymer Science

•    Polymer Technology



•    Graft Copolymerization of Ethymethacrylate on Kraft pulp of Gmelina alborea

•    Graft Coplymerication of methylmethacrylate on Caesarweed fibre (Urena lobata) by potassium permanganate Toluene redox pair.

•    Studies on the Chemical composition on wild  fruits

•    Evaluation of the total nutritional status of some local animal feeds.

•    Studies on the chemical composition of some plant foods.

•    The sorption of heavy metal Ions by Cellulosic materials

•    Free-radical polymericzation of Acrylic acid:  a polymer for interpenetrating network based on polyurethanes.

•    Characterization of seed oils.

•    Graft copolymerization of acrylic acid onto cotton by ceric ammonium sulphate

•    Analyses of the biochemical composition of selected seeds

•    Molecular weight properties of polyacrylonitrile polymerized by cerric ammonium sulphate – thioacetamide redox  system

•    Graft Copolymerization of acrylic acid onto cotton by potassium  permanganate – Oxalic acid redox system.

•    Graft Copolymerization of acrylonitrile on cotton by potassium permanganate – thioacetamide redox  pair

•    Determination of the asorbic acid contents of selected Sub-Sahel fruits.

•    Effects of cations on Graft copolymerization of acrylonitrile/acrylic acid on cotton.

•    Graft Copolymerization of methacrylonitrile on kenaf fibres

•    Studies on Local Seed Oils

•    Sorption of heavy metal ions from non-aqueous solvents

•    Bleaching characteristics of local seed oils

•    The Physico-Chemical properties of some local cellulosic fibres.

•    Adsorption of metal ions from Aqueous and non-aqueous solutions by Shea butter seed husks.

•    Graft Copolymerization of acrylic acid on Cassarweed fibres by Ceric ion thioacetamide reedox system

•    Studies on some Seeds and Seed Oils.


•    Popoola, Saheed Abiodun, M.Sc, 2009:  Studies on Seeds, Seed Oils and   Alkyd Resin Derivatives of Pterocarpus santalinoids and Manihot esculenta.

•    Barminas, Jeffery Tsware, Ph.D, 2004:  Studies on Solution Behaviour of “Konkoli” (Maesopsis eminii) seed Gum.

•    Yusuf, Abolanle Adekunle, Ph.D, 2007:  Structural, Physico-Chemical and Rheological Properties of the Exudate Gum of Berlinia grandiflora, Hutch & Daiz.

•    Folarin, Olujimi Moses,      Ph.D  2008: Thermal stabilization of Poly (vinylchloride) by Ximenia americana (Wild Olive) and Balanites aegyptiaca  (Betu) Seed Oils and their Derivatives.

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