Fakoya, E.O: Courses Taught


路聽 NUT 206:聽 Nutrition Education

路聽 PUB 209:聽 Agricultural Extension Services

路聽 FPY 410:聽 Agricultural Extension Practices

路聽 ARD 503:聽 Agricultural Extension Administration, Mgt. & Supervision

路聽 ARD 506:聽 Social processes and Systems

路聽 FRM 506:聽 Forest Extension and Education

路 AGS 597: 聽 Seminar I

路 AS\GS 598聽聽 Seminar II


路聽聽聽 Principles and Practice of Agricultural

路聽 ARD 701:聽 Extension and Rural Development

路聽 ARD 707:聽 Social Statistics and Computer Science

路聽聽聽 ARD 718: Organisation and Administration of Community Development

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