Labode, O.J: Conferences Attended

  • 2008 National Conference Congress of Nigerian Artists. At June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta, Nigeria. 24th ‚Äď 26th November.
  • Visual Arts, Graphic Print &Textile Workshop on TECHNIQUES, STYLE & PRODUCTION METHODS, Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden, 1st -5th Dec.2016
  • Conference/Seminar on Contemporary Art, Orebro Art College, Sweden, led by Peter Ekstrom, rector, Orebro Art College, Sweden.



(i)   Creative Art Conference (Society of Nigerian Artists),

Simeon Adebo’s Library, Abeokuta                                 26th  July, 2007

(ii)   Talents, Art and Craft, National Museum                   26th November, 2004

(iii)  Third Tier of Government: Myth or Reality                 30th July, 2002

(iv)  Modern Nigerian Painters                                        28th August, 2002

(v)  The Stroke of Colours, National Museum, Lagos.         8th June, 2002

(vi)  Cultural Restropect,                                               April, 2002

(vii)  Save a Life Today (S.N.A.)                                     March, 2002

(viii) Awansca Joint Arts Exhibition                                  August, 1997

(ix)   Benin Centenary Art Exhibition                               May, 1997

(x)   Beauty around Us                                                 September 1992

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