Olusola, I. O: Publications

a.    Books/Monographs & Chapters in Books

b.    Published/Accepted papers in Learned Journals

i    Olusola, O.I, Bassey, C.E & Vincent, U.E., (2005) Dose Determination In Radio diagnosis Using Exposure Factors, Nigeria Journal of Physics, Vol. 17S, Pg. 245 – 249 .

ii    Olusola, O.I,  Badmus, B.S. and Babatunde, P., (2006) Electrical Resistivity Survey To Determine The Aquifer Characteristics of Isolu Community, Southwestern Nigeria, International Journal of Agricultural Science, Sciences, Environment and Technology (ASSET) Vol. B. Series 5, Number 1. Pg. 95 – 105

c.    Technical Report/Conference Proceedings/Internal Reports/Reprints:

d.  Dissertation/Thesis

i.     Ogunsola, O.I., (1994), Determination of Dose of X-rays in Radiodiagnosis using the  Exposure Factors, Undergraduate Project, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

ii      Ogunsola, O.I. (1997), Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data of an Area in Niger Delta Complex, M.Sc. Dissertation, University of Lagos, Akoka,  Lagos, Nigeria.

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