Oluwalana, S. A: Conferences Attended

1.            Ijalana, S. A., 1983. Questionnaire Design. A paper presented at the Workshop  on Forestry Field Data Collection and Processing. Federal Department of  Forestry, Ibadan, November 7- 11, 1983.

2.            Omoluabi, A. 0. and S. A. Ijalana, 1983. Economic Methods of Evaluating Forestry Projects. Ap paper presented at the Workshop on Forestry Field Data  Collection and Processing. Federal Department of Forestry, Ibadan, November  7- 11,1983.

3.¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† Ijalana, S. A. and P. A. Okuneye, 1991. Afforestation and Energy Conservation: A Review of Current Efforts in the rainforest Region of Nigeria. A Paper presented at the First Multi-Disciplinary National Energy¬† Development Conservation Conference (NEDCOM ‚Äė91). February 12- 14, 1991. Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos

4.            Ijalana, S. A. and K. A. Jinadu, 1991. Environmental Pollution and Control.  Invited Paper. Workshop on the Training of Trainers for Relief operations in Ogun State. September 23 -27, 1991. Gateway Hotel International, Ijebu-Ode.

5.            Oyebamiji, L. B. and S. A. Ijalana (1992): Natural Regeneration and Artificial Regeneration in South Western Nigeria. Paper Presented at IUFRO Centennial. 1892-1992. Eberswalde, Berlin Germany. August 31- September 6, 1992.

6.            Ijalana, S. A., 1994. Problems of Natural Forest Management in Nigeria. IUFRO S4. 02-03 Conference on Minimum Data Requirements for Sustainable Forest Management, Department of Forest Science, Faculty of Forestry, University of Stellenbosch, 7 -9 November 1994, stellenbosch, South Africa.

7.            Ijalana S. A., 1994. Forest Plantation Resources in Nigeria. IUFRO S4. 02- 03 Conference, 7- 9 November, 1994. Stellenbosch, South Africa.

8.            J. A. Shoaga and S. A. 0luwalana, 2000. Local Forest Industry in Sustainable  Management of Forest Resources. National Seminar on Participatory Approaches in Environmental Management. CCDI 2000 Community and Conservation and Devlopment Initiatives. Development as a conservation tool. 18 February, 2000. Goethe- Institut, Victoria Island, Lagos.

9.            S. A. O1uwalana (Participant). Report of the International Conference on Infant and Pre-School Child Nutrition. Improving Child Nutrition through  Science and Practice. I. 0. Akinyele and S. Treche (Eds.). University of   Ibadan, Celebrating 50 years of Excellence. Nov. 18- 21, 1998.

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