Onabanjo, O.O: Research


i. Iron status and anthropometric status of adolescents in Ogun state. ii. Nutrients profile of selected standardized dishes in Nigeria.

ii. Iron status and cardiovascular disease risk factors in apparently healthy adults in Ogun state, Nigeria

iii. Nutritional status   and   intestinal   parasitic   infection   among   primary   school children in Ogun state.

Research in Progress:

i.   Up-scaling Millet  Grain  Sourdough  Technology  and  Extruded  Snacks  for Sustainable Livelihood in West Africa

ii. Comprehensive assessment of the determinants of child malnutrition in Kwara State

iii.     The Nutrition Transition in Africans, the role of alcohol consumption on health outcomes; the baseline dietary intakes of rural and urban Africans.

iv. Developing models  for  delivery  of  food  and  nutrition  security  in  vulnerable groups, in Africa as well as testing these models in empirical studies.

v. Nutritional status and food consumption pattern of vulnerable groups

vi. Development and  Nutritional  evaluation  of  complementary  food  from  Orange fleshed sweet potatoes for in infants and young children.

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