Shopeju, J.O: Conferences Attended


(29) University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. (1992) Design and Formulation of the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) Project document for the    Oke-Ako/Irele Project in Ondo State, Nigeria. List of experts involved in Project Design and Formulation:  Adedipe, N. O.; Tayo, T. O.; Obigbesan, G. O.; Fawusi, M. O.;  Oguntona, E. B.; Okojie, J. A.; Adetunji, M. A.;  Afolami, C. A.; Ugwuzor, G. N. O.; Shopeju, .J. O. et al.

(30) University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. (1994) Design and Formulation of National

Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA). Project Document for

Igboye/Iji Project in Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.  List of Experts involved in Project design and formulation:  Adedipe, N. O.; Tayo, T. O.; Okuneye, P. A.; Adetunji, M. T.; Bello, A. B.; Afolami, S. O.; Ariyo, O. J.;

Ogunlowo, A. S.;  Shopeju, J. O.; and Ugwumba, A. A.

(31) South West Zone Study Group (1995); Report on the South West Zone of Nigeria for the National Agricultural Research Project (NARSP) List of Resource person.   Adedipe, N. O.; Tayo, T. O.; Fabiyi, Y. L.; Shopeju, J. O. et al.

*(1) Shopeju, J. O.; Onifade, C. O.; Dipeolu, A., (2008): The Lifestyle of the Mentally Challenged in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Nigeria. Nordic Journal of African Studies

*(2) Shopeju, J. O. and Ojukwu, C. C. (2008): “Patrimonial Rule in Obasanjo’s Nigeria.” African Journal of Political Science and International Relations

*(3) Shopeju, J. O. and Ojukwu, C. C. (2008): “Exploring Social Capital for Peace building in Nigeria.”  American Journal of Political Science Review


(1) Shopeju, J. O. (1988):”Preventing and Managing Drug Abuse”. Paper presented at the National Workshop on Strategies for the Control of Drug Abuse in Nigeria.

Organised by Neuro- Psychiatric Hospital, Aro, in collaboration with World Health  Organisation (WHO).

(2) Shopeju, J. O. (1989):“Strategies for Controlling Drug Abuse and Road Accidents”.  Paper Presented during a rally organized for drivers by Lioness Club,Abeokuta.

(3) Shopeju, J. O. (1991):  “Prevention of Examination Malpractice:  A Review of

Contributing Factors.” Paper presented during a University-wide Seminar organized by the college of Agricultural Management, rural Development and Consumer  Studies, University of  Agriculture, Abeokuta.

(4) Shopeju, J. O. (1992):  “Resettling and Integrating Offenders into Nigerian Society” Guest Lecture delivered during a Mini-Conference organized by the Nigerian

Association for the Care of Offenders (NACRO) Ogun State. Branch.

(5) Shopeju, J. O. (1992):  “Re-Examination of Grassroots Mobilization Strategies”

(October 1992). Paper presented during a National workshop/Seminar on grassroots

Communication: Role of Information and community Development Officers,

organized by Master  Advertising and Public Relations Agency.

(6) Shopeju, J. O. (1992):  “Drug Abuse in Nigeria:  Fact or Fiction? Paper presented  during a lecture organized by the Old Students of African Church Grammar School (Club 57/72),  Abeokuta.

(7)  Shopeju, J. O. (1992): “Essence of Information Collation and Data Preservation in Agricultural Activities”. Paper presented during a Workshop on “Passing

Agricultural Information” organized by Master Advertising and Public Relations Agency.

(8) Shopeju, J. O. (1996):  “Developmental Challenges of childhood and Adolescence”.   Paper presented during the Training the Trainer’s Workshop on capacity Building in Child Development, Weaning Foods and Immunization organized by GAINBOL LTD.

(9) Shopeju, J. O. (1996) “The Victims of Crime:  The Nigerian Perception of

Restitution.” Presented during the International conference on Crime and Justice in

the Nineties, 3rd – 5th July, Organised by the Criminological society of southern  African IDASA), Pretoria, South Africa.

(10) Shopeju, J. O. (1997): Mitigation of the Effects of Wars in African States”.  Paper presented during a one day workshop of African Peace Mission at FEAP – VISION  2010.

(11) Shopeju, J. O. (1999):  “Attracting Foreign Investiment to Nigeria” Presented at the Workshop on rebuilding Nigeria.  An exploration of options for sustainable

Development. Organised by CONTACT FORUM.  May, 1999.

(12) Shopeju, J. O. and Ojukwu, C. C. (2008): “Patrimonial Rule in Olusegun Obasanjo’s  Nigeria.” Presented at The Second International Conference on Development  Studies. Conference Centre, University of Lagos. March 12-13.

(13) Shopeju, J. O. and Ojukwu, C. C. (2008):  First Annual Conference and General

Assembly of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) at Sheraton

Hotels and Towers, Abuja. June 15-18.


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