Aderinboye, R. Y: Research

(A) Research in progress:

  1. Utilization of cashew nut shell in the diet of small ruminants
  2. Effect of processing methods on chemical composition and in vitro gas production of cashew nutshell
  3. Rumen characteristics in response to feeding ruminants on various feed resources.

(B) Research completed:

  1. Potentials of Gliricidia Sepium foliage as supplement in the fattening diet of West African dwarf sheep
  2. In vitro fermentation characteristics of some tropical browse and grass species using three sources of inocula.
  3. Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation kinetics of different aerial parts of some selected browse species.
  4. Toxicity profile of some feedstuffs fed to West African dwarf goats and their residual effect in meat in sub-humid zone of Nigeria
  5. Potentials of Moringa oleifera and Gmelina arborea leaves as protein supplement to low quality grasses

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