Asiribo, O. E: Publications

Edited Papers

i. Okeagu. M.U. Asiribo, O.E. and Akinola. J.O. (1989). Effects of Nitrogen application on growth characteristics of signal glass (Brachiaria decumbens). Journal of Agric Science. Cambridge (1989). 113.373 – 376.

ii. Asiribo, O.E. And Gurland. J. (1989). Some Simple Approximate Solutions to the Behrens – Fisher Problem. Comm in Statistics (Theory and Methods) 18. No. 4. 1201 – 1216

iii. Asiribo, O.E. And Gurland. J. (1990). Coping with Variance Heterogeneity. Comm. in Stats (Theory and Methods). A19. No. 11.4029 – 4048

iv. Asiribo, O.E. (1991). Statistical Consulting in Agriculture. Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association. Vol. 6. No. 1. 1 – 7.

v. Gurland. J. and Asiribo, O.E. (1991). On the Distribution of the Multiple Correlation Coefficient and the Kinked Chi – Squared Random Variable. Statistica Sinca Vol. 1.No. 2. 493- 502.

vi. Asiribo, O.E. (1992). The use of markov chain models to study rainfall changes in the Sahel. Jour Nig. Stat. Assoc. Vol. 8. No. 1. 87 -100.

vii. Owonubi. J.J. Odiwo. Asiribo, O.E. and Abdulmumin. S. (1992). Rainfall Probability Estimates for Agricultural Production in the Nigerian Savanna. Samaru Jour of Agric Res. vol. 9. 3 – 18

viii. Nwasike. C. C. Asiribo, O.E. Kimberg. C.A. Chude. V.O. and Sowemimo.F.A. (1992). Heterosis and combining ability in diallel crosses of African Pearl Millet. Samaru Jour of Agric Res Vol. 9.87 – 94

ix. Olorunju. S.A.S. Abubakar. B.Y.M Dim. N.I. and Asiribo, O.E. (1992). Components of inverse polynomial function of lactation curve, and Friesian – Bunaji crosses in Nigeria. Journal of Animal Production Research Vol 12. No.1 &2. 101 – 107.

x. Esu. I.E. and Asiribo, O.E. (1993). Soil Vegetation Relationship in the plains of Northern Nigeria. Geo – Eco – trop. 17. (1-4). 121 – 135.

xi. Daudu. C.K. Chude. V.O. Asiribo, O.E. and Dim. L. (1994). Forms and pedogenic distribution of Boron in a Loessial soil of the Nigerian savanna. Journal of Environmental science and Health. A 29 (19): 1735- 1747.

xii. Olorunju. S.A.S. Dim. N.I. Abubakar. B.Y. and Asiribo, O.E. (1994). Evaluation of fitting a gamma function to milk production records of Bunaji. Friesian-Bunaji and Friesian Cows in Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. Journal of Animal Production Research. Vol 14. No. 1 & 2. 68-76.

xiii. Asiribo, O.E. and Iyang, S.I. (1995). Forecasting import Traffic Distribution at the Apapa Port Nigeria. Journal of Social and Management Studies (JOSAMS) Vol. 2. pp. 123-138.

xiv. Sowemimo. F.A., Asiribo, O.E., Alabi, S.O., Echeku. C.A. and Yeye M.Y. (1998) Screening Sorghum Varieties (Sorghum bicolor (L Moench) for Resistance to Striga Hermothica Benth. Nigerian Journal of Botany. V.11, 133-137.

xv. Oni O.O. Dim. Abubakar B.Y. Asiribo, O.E. (2000) Egg Production Curve of Rhode Island Red Chickens. Nig. Journal of Animal Production 28 (1) pp. 78-83.

xvi. Oni O.O. Dim B.Y. Abubakar and Asiribo, O.E. and Adeyinka I .A. (2000) Predictive Ability of Egg Production Models. Nig. Jour. of Animal Production 28 (1) pp.84-88.

xvii. Akpa G., Asiribo O.E., Oni O.O. and Alawa J.P. (2000). The influence of non-genetic factors on the shape of lactation curves in Red Sokoto Goats. Journal of the British Society of Animal Science 72:233-239.

xviii. Akpa G.N. Asiribo O.E. and Oni O.O. (2000). Ascending Phase lactation Characteristics of Red Sokoto Goats J. Appl. Anim. Res. 18 (2): 177-184.

Xix. Dauda, L.K., V.O. Chude, E.N.O. Iwuafor., I.Y. Amapu and O.E. Asiribo (2000). Prediction of available soil calcium of the Nigerian Savanna using chemical soil test. Nigerian Journal of Soil Research. Vol. pp.12-16.

xx Aiyedun E.A., Asiribo, O.E. and Atobatele, J.I. (2001): Farm Size Distribution functions for yam Farms in Abuja FCT. Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association. Vol. 14. 102-106.

xxi. Adegbehin J.O. and Asiribo, O.E. (2001). Growth and Yield of Pinus oocarpa in some Northern parts of Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources. 17(1).

xxii. Akpa G.N. Asiribo O.E. and Oni O.O. Dim N.I. Osinowo O.A. and Abubakar B.Y. (2002) Milk production by Agropastoral Red Sokoto Goats in Nigeria Tropical Animal Health and Production. 34. 525-533.

xxiii Asiribo, O.E. and Katung, P.D. (2002) Correlation and Path-Coefficient Analysis in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). Journal of Tropical Biosciences Vol. 2 No. 1 113-118.

xxiv Adegbehin J.O. and Asiribo, O.E. (2002) Preliminary Study of Growth and Yields of Eucalyptus Species at Typical Northern Guinea Savanna the Indian Forester Vol. 128. No. 12. 1302-1318.

xxv Akpa G.N. Asiribo O.E. and Oni O.O. (2003) The lactation persistency of Agropastoral red Sokoto Goats of Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Tropical Agricultural Research, vol. 6 pp. 24-27.

xxvi Asiribo O.E., Akpa, G.N. and Oni O.O. (2003) Statistical Modeling of Lactation Pattern in Agropastoral Red Sokoto Goats of Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Environment vol. 5 No. 2 pp. 204-213.

xxvii  Akpa G.N. Asiribo O.E. and Oni O.O. (2003) Relationships among Udder and Teat Size Characteristics with Milk Yield in Red Sokoto Goats. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) Vol. 80 No. 2 pp. 114-117.

xxviii Ajanusi, O.J. and Asiribo, O.E., (2004) A ten-year analysis of canine hookworm and Toxocara canis infections in Zaria, Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Biosciences, vol. 4:23-26

xxix Asiribo, O.E., Olorunju, S.A.S and Datong, M. (2004) Evaluation of Methods for Determining Optimum Plot Sizes in Field Experiments. Samaru Jour of Agric Res. vol. 20.

xxx Bamanga, M.A. and Asiribo, O.E. (2005) The Use of Response Surface Methodology in the Determination of Optimum Conditions. Zuma Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 7(2), pp. 174-181.

xxxi Asiribo, O.E. and Bamanga, M.A. (2005) The D-Optimality Criterion used in the Determination of New Optimum NPK Fertilizer Rates for Application on Hybrid Maize in Nigeria. Int. Journal. Of Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 323-347.

xxxii Dansu B.M. and Asiribo, O.E., (2007) Spatial Association between malaria pandemic and mortality. Data Science Journal, vol. 6 Supplement 18 145-153.

Edited Proceedings

i Mosugu M Esu I.E. Chude V.O. and Asiribo, O.E. (1988). Distribution of total and DTPA- Extractable Zinc in soils developed on older Granies in Nigeria. Edited Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria pp 232-239.

ii Esu I.E. and Asiribo, O.E. (1990). Micronutrient Fertility of some northern Nigerian Vertisol and Associated Management Implications. In P.M. Ahn and C.R. Elliot (eds.) Vertisol Management in Africa IBSRAM Proceedings No. 9: 347-359.

iii. Odiwo A.E. Owonubi J.J. Abdulmimin S and Asiribo, O.E. (1991). Analysis of Rainfall Data for Agricultural Production in the Nigerian Savanna. In Meteorological Hazards and Development (Eds. J.S. Oguntoyinbo et al) pp. 37-46.

iv Ado, S.G. and Asiribo, O.E. (1991). Influence of Whether Variables on Pepper in the Nigerian Savanna. In Meteorological Hazards and Development (Eds. J.S. Oguntoyinbo et al) PP. 52-58.

v Nwasike, C.C. Pancras-Deke, F., Chude, V.O., Asiribo. O.E., Kimberg, C.A and Sowemimo, F.A. (1993). Nitrogen sources and levels and the control of striga hermonthica in Sorghum. Proceedings of Food Grain Research and Production in Semi-Arid Africa (SAFGRAD), pp. 497-506.

vi Asiribo, O.E. and Ahmed M.K. (2000). Path Analysis of Factors affecting Vesico-Vaginal-Fistula in Nigeria. In: Nokoe, S. (ed). Biometry & Quality of Life. SUSAN-IBS Proceedings. Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp114-119.

vii Asiribo, O.E. (1991). Minimizing Sample Error. Proceedings of a Training Workshop held at IAR, Samaru: Pre-Season Training on Field Trials. April 23-26. pages 42-47.

viii Dauda, C.K., Chude, V.O., Asiribo, O.E. and Dim, L. (1994). Evaluation of the Boron status and profile distribution in a cotton growing soil of the Nigerian Savannah. Noma Vol 11. 10-14.

ix Dawodu, G.A. and Asiribo, O.E. (2006). On the Computation of the Odds Ratio of Common Ailments via Logistic Regression. In: Eromosele, I.C. and Popoola, T.O.S. (eds.). Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Science and National Development. College of Natural Sciences, UNAAB, pp195-201.

x Akinlawon, O.J., Asiribo, O.E. and Adebanji, A.O. (2009). Optimum Conditional Distribution for Estimating the volatility of stock indices In: Asiribo, O.E. and Popoola, T.O.S. (eds.). Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Science and National Development. College of Natural Sciences, UNAAB, pp195-201.

Thesis/Book/Training Manuals:

i. Asiribo, O.E. (1978) Analysis of Crop Growth Data (Unpublished M.Sc. Thesis).

ii. Asiribo, O.E. (1987) Some methods of Approximating Distributions with Application to some Inference Problems. (Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis).

iii. Asiribo, O.E. (1992). Computer Applications and Statistical Analysis in Agricultural Research. A Training Manual produced for West Africa Rice Development Association (WARDA).

iv. Asiribo, O.E., Okoro, C.E. and Okoh. C.A. (1994). Computer Appreciation and Disk Operating system. Care and maintenance of Computers and Computer Application – Word processing (WordPerfect).

v. Asiribo, O.E. (1997). Statistical Techniques and Computer Application in Fishery Research. A training manual produced for Nigerian – German (GTZ) Kainji Lake Fisheries promotion project.


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