Aduradola, A. M: Publications

(I) Dissertation and Thesis

1. Comparative analysis of variance and co-variance of a physiological experiment involving four forest tree species. B.Sc. Special project, University of Ibadan, 1981.

2. Growth responses of some grown tree seedlings to Drought condition M.Sc. Dissertation, University of Ibadan, 1984.

3. Soil moisture-nutrient relations of Parkia biglobosa (R.Br. ex G.Don) in the Semi-arid zone of Nigeria. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Ibadan, 1991.

(II) Chapters in books

1. Awodola, A.M. and Magaji, M.D. (1994). Reconnaissance survey of the vegetation of Zamfara Grazing Reserve. In Basir, D. (Ed). Baseline Information for sustainable Rehabilitation and Management of Zamfara Grazing Reserve. UDU.JLU EEC Linkage Programme. 76-88

2. Awodola, A.M. (1994). The Development of Social Forestry in Nigeria. In: Abasiekong, E.M. and Modo, I.V.O. (Eds) High points in development. Dorand Publishers, Uyo, 138.-143. Pp

3. Awodola, A.M. (1993b). Nursery Operations in Semi-arid North of Nigeria: The Sokoto Experience In: Puri S. And P.K. Khosla (Eds): Nursery Technology for Agroforestry: Applications in Arid and Semi-arid Regions. Winrock-Oxford and IBH series 29-33. pp

(III) Papers in Journals:

1 Awodola, A.M. (1987). Leaf water Relations of two Exotic Tree species used in arid zone Afforestation in Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2: 149-152 pp. (Abstract)

2 Awodola A.M. and S.P.A. Okoro (1987) Qualitative appraisal of the Ecological Aspects to Nigerian oil production. The Journal of Multi-Disciplinary studies. Vol 1 (3) 129-137

3 Okoro, S. P. A. and A. M Awodola (1998) Wood consumption pattern in the Sudan Savanna of Nigeria. A case study of Sokoto City. The Journal of Multi Disciplinary studies. Vol 2 (1+2)148-154.

4 Awodola, A.M. (1989a). Effect of Soil Moisture regimes on growth characters in two indigenous potential species for desertification control. Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 3(2) 38-42. Pp (Abstract)

5 Awodola, A.M. (1991). The effect of soil moisture regime on growth of Acacia albida and Acacia seyal seedlings. Nigerian Journal of Forestry 21 (1+2) 35-37.pp (Abstract)

6 Awodola, A.M. and Nwoboshi, L.C. (1993). Effect of source of potassium and frequency of moisture application on growth and macronutrient distribution in seedlings of Parkia biglobosa (R. Br. ex. G. Don). Nigerian Journal of Forestry, 23 (2) 98-108. pp (Abstract)

7 Awodola, A.M. (1993a). Indices of Macronutrient Deficiencies of Parkia biglobosa (R.Br. Ex. G.Don) seedlings. Nigerian Journal of Forestry (23) 1: 39-41. pp

8 Awodola, A.M. (1994). Aspects of germination in seeds of African locust Bean Tree Parkia biglobosa (Jacq) Benth. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources (9+10) 82-91. Pp (Abstract)

9 Awodola, A.M. (1995). The effect of source of Nitrogen and Frequency of moisture supply on growth and macronutrient distribution in seedlings of African Locust bean tree, Journal of Tropical Forest Science. 8(1) 136-139 pp (Abstract)

10 Awodola, A.M. and Abubakar, A. (1996). Growth response in seedlings of Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich) Hochst and Acacia nilotica Linn (Wild) ex Del to type and quantity of phosphatic fertilisers. Nigerian Journal of Forestry 26(1+2) 70 – 75. (Abstract)

11 Okorie, P.E and Awodola, A.M. (1997). Silvicultural Practices and Sustainable forest Development in Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources. 13(2): 48-59. (Abstract)

12 Koukoura, Z. M., Karatassiou, H., Abraham, M. D. Magaji, A. M. Awodola, A. Nastis (1998) Competition effects of Dactyloctenium aegyptium and Pennisetium pedicellatum for biological Cassia tora control. Giessener Beitrage zur Entwicklungsfrschung. Bd 25: 79 – 86

13 Shinkafi, A.M., Awodola, A.M. and Okali, D.U.U. (1998). Vegetation Status of Zamfara Reserve. Prospects for pastoralism. Giessener Beitrage zur Entwicklungsfrschung. Bd 25: 48 – 54 (Abstract)

14 Awodola, A.M., Magaji, M.D. and Shinkafi, M.A. (1998). Assessment of Drought tolerane in some multipurpose plants in Zamfara Grazing Reserve. Giessener Beitrage zur Entwicklungsfrschung.Bd 25: 61-66 (Abstract)

15 Hassan, W A, Aduradola. A. M. and Domba, A. O (1998) Multipurpose Tree Species in livestock production in Semi-aid zone of Nigeria: Farmers Knowledge and nutrient content of some fodder tree species. Journal of Tropical Ethnoforestry 1(1)81-92

16. Aduradola, A.M. (1998). The effect of nitrogenous fertilisers on growth in seedlings of Zizyphus spina christii (Linn) and Zizyphus mauritania (Linn). Journal of Tropical Forest Resources 14: 24 – 31

17. Aduradola A. M. (1999) The effect of source and rate of phosphorus supply on growth in seedlings of Faidherbia albida (Del) The Biopropector 1 (1) 1-5

18. Aduradola A. M and M. D. Magaji, (1999) Herbage species in Zamfara Forest Reserve Journal of Tropical Ethnoforestry 2 (1) 107-110

19. Aduradola A. M. (2000). Drought and Desertification in Nigeria Myth or reality. Nigerian Journal of Forestry (30) (1) 29-32.

20 Aduradola, A.M. and Okoro, S. P. A. (2001): A study of establishment techniques for Balanites aegyptiaca, Parkia biglobosa and Prosopis cineria in Zamfara Grazing Reserve, Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Environmental Resources Management, Vol. 1(1): 89-93.

17. Aduradola, A. M. (2001): Growth Response of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq./R.Brex.Don) seedlings to sources of phosphorus and frequency of watering Nigerian Journal of Forestry Vol. 31 (1+2) 14 –20.

18. Ebofin A. O. D. Agboola, M. S. Ayodele and A. M. Aduradola (2003). Effect of seed sizes and seedlings growth of some savanna tree legumes. ASSET 3(2) 109-113. (Abstract)

19. Aduradola, A.M. and Shinkafi, M. A. (2003). Germination factors in seeds of Tamarindus indica. ASSET 3(4). 29-34. (Abstract)

20. Aduradola, A. M. (2003): Effect of some pre-treatment on germination in seeds of Acacia nilotica Willd ex Del and Zizyphus spina christii Del Journal of Agriculture and Environment (In press). (Abstract)

21. Aduradola, A. M. and A. Adejumo (2003): The effect of some pretrement on germination in seeds of Erythrophleum suaveolens. Journal of Agriculture and Environment. In press. (Abstract)

22. Aduradola, A. M. and Okoro S. P. A. (2004) Effect of soil moisture regime on early morphological characterristics of Acacia nilotica (L) will ex Del and Azadiracta indica A. Juss seedlings. Ogun Journal of Agricultural Sciencies Vol. 3 (1) 101-107 (Abstract)

23. Aduradola, A.M., M. F. Adekunle and A. Abubakar (2004) Socio-economic assessment of afforestration efforts in Sokoto State, Nigeria. BOWEN Journal of Agriculture. Vol 1(2) 145-151. (Abstract)

24. Agboola, D. A., Ebofin, A. O. Aduradola, A. M. and Ajiboye A. A. (2004). Effect of presowing treatments on seed germination of two Savanna tree legumes. Journal of Tropical Forestry 20(1+2) 17-24. (Abstract)

25. Ebofin, A. O.: D. A. Agboola; A. M. Aduradola and M. S. Ayodele (2004). Effect of some growth hormones on seed germination and seedling growth of savanna tree legumes. Indian Forester Vol. 130 (11) 1241-1249.

26. Ogunleye, A. J. A. O. Adeola, L. O. Ojo and A. M. Aduradola (2004). Impact of Farming activities on vegetation in Olokemeji Forest Reserve, Nigeria. GLOBAL NEST. An International Journal (6)(2) 132-142

27. Aduradola, A.M. (2004): Preliminary investigation of some factors affecting germination in Piliostigma reticulatum. Hoschst L. seeds. ASSETS (4)1:29 -34 (Abstract)

28. Aduradola, A. M. and A. A. Badru (2004): Aspect of germination in seeds of Afzelia africana and Terminalia ivorensis. Annales des Sciences Agronomiques du Benin. Vol. 6 (2) 175 – 182

29. Aduradola A. M. and A. Ibrahim (2004) An Assessment of agroforestry systems options in a semi arid environment of Nigeria Nigerian Journal of Forestry Vol 34 (1) 22-77. (Abstract)

30. Aduradola, A. M. B. F. Adeola and M. O. Adedire (2005) Enhancing germination in seeds of African Star apple, Chrysophyllum albidum (G.Don) Journal of Food, Agriculture and environment Vol 3 (2) 292-294. (Abstract)

31. Okunomo, K. and Aduradola, A.M. (2006). Forest Resources utilization in Delta State (In Press).

(IV) Papers in Referred Proceedings

36. Awodola, A. M. (1997) An holistic approach to conservation of desertification prone environment in Nigeria. In Oduwaiye, E. A. Obiaga, P. C. and Abu, J. E. (Eds). Environment and Resource Development. Proceedings of Forestry and Association of Nigeria, Annual Conference of 1997. 318-324. (Abstract)

37. Shinkafi, M.A. and Awodola, A.M. (1996). Social forestry and its developmental contribution in rural areas. Accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Rural Sociological Association. (Abstract)

38. Awodola, A.M. (1995). Considerations towards the Establishment of viable community Nurseries in Nigeria. In Oduwaiye, E.A. (Ed). Forestry and the small scale Farmers. Proceedings of 24th Annual Conference of Forestry Association of Nigeria. 86-90 Pp.

39. Awodola, A.M., Magaji, M.D. , Musa A. And Schaefer, C. (1995). Assessment of Productivity of the Natural Grassland in Zamfara Reserve. In Afolayan T.A. (Ed) Range and Livestock Management. Proceedings of UNESCO-MAB Workshop. 12-17. Pp (Abstract)

40. Awodola, A.M. (1993c). Assessment of establishment technique of Azadirachta indica seedlings in semi-arid zone of Nigeria. In Oduwaiye, E.A. (ed). Proceedings of Forestry Association of Nigeria Conference 1993. 153-155.pp (Abstract)

41. Awodola, A.M. and Soje, A.S. (1992). Effect of varying moisture supply on early morphological characters in seedlings of Albizia lebbeck. In Akinsanmi, F.A. (Ed). Our Forests, Environment and heritage: Challenges for our people. Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference of the Forestry Association of Nigeria. 19-22. pp (Abstract)

42. Awodola, A.M. and Abdullahi Y. (1990). Some factors affecting germination in Seeds of Two Potential Arid Zone Agroforestry Trees. In Dada G.O.B. and P.C. Obiaga (eds). Proceedings of 20th Annual Conference Forestry Association of Nigeria. 112-116 pp

43. Awodola, A.M. and Nwoboshi, L.C. (1990). Effect of Sources and Rates of N.P.K. Supply on growth of Parkia biglobosa seedlings in the semi-arid zone. In Dada G.O.B. and P.C. Obiaga (Eds). Proceedings of 20th Annual Conference Forestry Association of Nigeria 138-144. pp (Abstract)

44. Awodola, A.M. (1989b). Potential Farm Trees in Sokoto Local Govt. In Okojie, J.A. and P.C. Obiaga (ed). Proceedings of 19th Annual Conference. Forestry Association of Nigeria. 64-68 pp. (Abstract)

45. Awodola, A.M and S.P.A. Okoro (1986) Early growth response of indigenous Sudan savanna species to varying media moisture regimes. In. Oguntala A.B. (Ed) Proceedings of 16th Annual Conference of Forestry Association of Nigeria 423-428. pp. (Abstract)

46. Okoro S.P.A.,Awodola A.M. and A. O. Itolo (1986) The impact of selected tree species on the soil properties in a Sudan savanna Forest. In. Oguntala A.B (Ed) Proceedings of 16th Annual Conference of Forestry Association of Nigeria,660-667.

47. Awodola, A.M. S.P.A. Okoro and Danjuma, G.G. (1985) Preliminary studies on the morphology of some potential plantation species in the arid zone. In Okojie J.A. (Ed). Proceedings of 15th Annual Conference of Forestry Association of Nigeria 59-68 pp.

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