Fafiolu, A.O: Research

Research Interest: Utilization of crop residues for non-ruminant animals. Metabolizability of crop residues by non-ruminant animals. Use of feed additives for enhanced growth and productive function by non ruminant. Nutritional evaluation of feed resources and by-products for monogastric feeding.


Effect of L-carnitine supplementation on the broiler chickens 2007
Comparative effects of feeding palm Kernel by-products on the performance and haematological profile of broiler chickens. 2007
Utilization of enzyme supplemented rice bran meal based diets for broiler chickens 2008
Use of dietary L-carnitine supplementation in the diets of local turkeys (on going)
Utilization of enzyme supplementation of Malted sorghum sprout by broiler chickens(on going)

  • Poultry production and Management system.
  • Feeding value of crop and animal wastes for non-ruminant animals.
  • Cashew nut reject meal and cassava root peels in the diets of poultry
  • Nutritional and Management intervention in heat stress reduction for poultry.
  • Additives for quality improvement of feed.
  • Enzymes in Poultry and swine Nutrition
  • Feed Biotechnology and metabolomics


  • Utilization of Shrimp Waste Meal by Exotic and Nigerian Indigenous Turkeys (On going)
  • Enzyme supplementation of different carbohydrate sources by meat-type chickens (On going)
  • Multi enzyme supplementation of malted sorghum sprout based diet by broiler chicken(On going)
  • Utilization of malted sorghum sprout in the diets of weaner pigs (On going)


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