Jolaosho, A. O: Publications

(i) Thesis and Dissertations
(1) Lawal, A.O. (1987): Evaluation of some Manual seed planting Techniques (B.Sc Project Report). University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

(2) Lawal, A.O. (1989): Effects of fire on regrowth and forage yield of a Natural pasture dominated by Cynodon Spp. (M.Sc. Project Report), University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

(3) Lawal, A. O. (1998): Weed Control in Guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) Cook stylo (Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw.) and their mixture during establishment in South West Nigeria. (Ph.D. Thesis)
(ii) Publications in Learned Journals:
(1). Agbamu, J., Fujita, Y., Idowu, I. and Lawal, A.O (1996). Effects of Socio-Economic factors on Adoption of new varieties of maize and cassava A case study of Ogun State in Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Development Studies, Tokyo 6 (2): 8-15 (Japan).
(2). Lawal, A.O. (1998). Effects of herbicides on growth and dry-matter yield of grass legume mixed Swards Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 68(6): (gallery proof) (India).
(3). Lawal, A.O (1998): Short Communication: Pasture distribution in the derived savannah area of Ogun State. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production 25(2): 173-175.
(4). Lawal, A.O. and M.E. Aken’ova (1998): Research Note: Short-term study of the effects of time of burning on soil chemical properties, plant regeneration and weed control in a Cynodon pasture. Nigerian Journal of Weed Science 11: 57-60.
(5). Lawal, A.O., Adeyeye, A. J, Oduguwa, B.O. and Ibitoye, R. A. (2000) Effects of storage conditions and seed treatments on viability of pasture legume seeds. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 70 (9): 596-597 (India).
(6). Jolaosho, A. O. and N. J. Usoroh, (2001). Effects of Herbicide application and tillage on weed population in sown Guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq. Var. Ntchisi) and Oxeyfinestem stylo (Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. Pastures. ASSET Series A 1 (2): 65-74.
(7). Olanite, J. A., B. A. O. Ibikunle and A. O. Jolaosho (2001) Effects of intercropping on the yield and yield components of maize and sunflower in Southern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria. Moor Journal of Agricultural Research (MJAR) 3 (2): 169-174.
(8). Jolaosho, A. O. and J. M. Forbes, (2004). The effects of types of feed and period of year on fluctuations in daily feed intake of cattle. ASSET Series A 4 (1):.61 – 75

(9). Jolaosho, A. O. (2004). Effects of formulated mixture of bentazone and acifluorfen on weeds in guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.)/cook stylo (Stylosanthes guianensis Aubl. (Sw) mixed sward. ASSET Series A 5(1) 2004: 99 – 107.
(10). Jolaosho, A. O., Olanite, J. A. Oduguwa, B. O. and Adekunle, E. A.O. (2005). Comparative effects of three seasons on seed population and viability of seeds in cattle, sheep and goats dungs in South – West Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production 32 (1): 94 – 101.
(11). Onifade, O. S., Jolaosho, Alaba O., Arigbede, O. M., Fageyinbo, O. O. and Oyeladun, Abiodun, M. (2005). Effects of seed rates and sowing methods on the growth and forage production of Tephrosia bracteolata in Southwest Nigeria. Tropical Journal of Animal Science 8 (1): 63-68.
(12). Jolaosho, A. O., Arigbede, M. O. Onifade, O. S., Olanite, J. A. and Akinola, T. O. (2005). Population, viability and size of seeds recovered from the faeces of ruminant animals in early dry season. Tropical Journal of Animal Science 8 (1): 109-114.
(13). Oduguwa, B. O., A. O. Jolaosho, O. J. Babayemi, A. B. J. Aina and I. F. Adu, (2005). Nutritive value of malted sorghum sprout in West African Dwarf sheep fed soybean stover based diets. Tropical Journal of Animal Science 8: (1): 83 – 90.
(14). Jolaosho, A. O., Onifade, S. O., Olanite, J. A. and Oke, O. (2006) Seed in the faeces of ruminant animals grazing native pastures under semi-intensive management in Nigeria. Tropical Grasslands 40: 79-83 (Australia)
(15). Oduguwa, B. O., Babayemi, J. O. A. O. Jolaosho, Aina, A. B. J. Ozoje, M. O. and I. F. Adu, 2006. Utilization of malted sorghum sprout, shrimp waste meal and Tephrosia bracteolata hay by West African Dwarf sheep fed soybean stover based diets. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production 33 (2): 254-267.
(16). Oduguwa, B. O., Oyekola Olasimbo, A. O. Jolaosho, A. V. Jegede, 2006 Effect of different processing methods on nutritive and anti-nutritive components of some leguminous trees and shrubs. ASSET Series A 6 (2): 255-264.
(17). Jolaosho, A. O., Oduguwa, B. O., Onifade, O. S. and Babayemi, J. O. (2006). Comparisons of germinability of rain tree (Albizia saman) seeds recovered from cattle with hot water and acid treatments. Tropical Grasslands 40: 244-253 (Australia).
(18). Olanite, J. A., Arigbede, A. O., Jolaosho, A. O., Onifade, O. S. and Alabi, B. O. 2006. Effect of cutting intervals on the dry matter yield and nutritive quality of two varieties of Panicum maximum in the humid zone of Nigeria. ASSET series A (2006) 6(1): 171-180.
(19). Arigbede, O. M., Anele, U. Y., Olanite, J. A., Adekunle, I. O., Jolaosho, O. A. and Onifade, O. S. (2006). Seasonal in vitro gas production parameters of three multi-purpose tree species in Abeokuta, South West Nigeria. Livestock Research for Rural Development 18 (10): 1-10. (Mexico)
(20). Oduguwa, B. O., Jolaosho, A. O. and Ayankoso, M. T. (2007). Effects of ensiling on the physical properties, chemical composition and mineral contents of Guinea grass and cassava tops silage. Nigerian Journal for Animal Production 34(1): 100-106.
(21). Akintokun, A. Jolaosho, A. O. and Afolabi, R (2007). Effect of L. plantarum and carbohydrase on the microbes and composition of Tridax procumbens silage. Archivos de Zootecnia 56 (214): 145-156 (Spain).
(22). Jolaosho, A. O., Arigbede and Ojo, R. O. (2008). Germinability and viability of Albizia saman seeds subjected to 3 scarification methods ASSET Series A 8 (1) (in press).
(23). Anele, Y. U., Arigbede, M. O., Olanite, J. A., Adekunle, I. O. Jolaosho, A. O. Onifade, O. S. and Oni, O. (2008) Early growth and seasonal chemical composition of three indigenous mulitipurpose tree species (MPTS) in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Agroforestry Systems 73: 89-98 (USA).
(24). Arigbede, O. M., Anele, U. Y., Jolaosho, A. O. Onifade, O. S., Olanite, J. A. and Wahab, T. A. (2008). Chemical Composition and in vitro gas production of African Bread Fruit (Treculia Africana) var. Decne. Archivos de Zootech 57 (218 ): 113 – 121 (Spain).
(25). Arigbede, O. M. Anele, U. Y. Oduguwa, B. O. Jolaosho, A. O. Olanite, J. A. and Onifade, O. S. (2008). Replacement value of soybean haulms meal in the diets of West African Dwarf goats. Archivos de Zootech 57 (219): 369 – 372 (Spain)
(26). Anele, U.Y. O.M. Arigbede, K. H. Südekun, A.O. Oni, A. O. Jolaosho, J. A. Olanite, A.I. Adeosun, P.A. Dele, K. A. Ike and O.B. Akinola (2009). Seasonal chemical composition, invitro fermentation an in sacco dry matter degradation for four indigenous multipurpose tree species in Nigeria. Animal Feed Science Technology 2009 (galley proof)

(iii). Papers under Review
(27). Jolaosho, A. O., U. Y. Anele, O. M. Arigbede, J. A. Olanite and O. S. Onifade . Effects of growth habit of legumes on weed population in grass-legume mixed sward. Tropical Grasslands.
(28). Arigbede, O. M., Anele, Y. U. Olatunji, J. E. N., Jolaosho, O. A., Olanite, J. A, and Onifade, O. S. Performance of West African Dwarf goats fed graded levels of pigeon pea cassava peels based diets. Journal of Central European Agriculture
(29). Jolaosho, A. O. Anele, Y. U. Arigbede, M. O. Effects of air drying and plant types on quality of grass/ legume silage
(30). Jolaosho, A. O. Effects of storage conditions and seed treatments on the germination of seeds of three different browse plants.
(31). Jolaosho, A. O. Germinability of three different tree legume seeds subjected to
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