Onifade, O. S: Publications

(A) Thesis / Dissertation / Inaugural lecture

  1. Onifade, O.S. 1977. Comparison of dry matter digestibility of six roughages using the one stage versus two stage in vitro technique. Project submitted in partial fulfillment for the B.Sc. (Agric.) ABU. Zaria.
  2. Onifade, O.S. 1983. Effect of seeding ratio, sowing method and nitrogen level on the growth of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana  cv. Callide/stylo (Stylosanthes guianensis cv. Cook) in Northern Nigeria. M.Sc. Dissertation, ABU, Zaria.
  1. Onifade, O.S. (1992). Effect of stocking Chloris gayanaStylosanthes guianensis pastures with Sheep on plant and animal performance. Ph.D. Thesis, ABU, Zaria.
  1. Onifade O S (2016). Grasses: Production and management for sustainable livestock. 53rd Inaugural lecture Presented 26th April, 2017 at Federal University of Agriculture. Abeokuta.

(B) Articles in Learned Journals

  1. Onifade, O.S. and Akinola, J.O. (1986). Effect of seeding ratio and sowing method on the production  of Rhodes grass/stylo swards in the Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. J. Anim. Prod. Res. 6: 29-37.
  2. Onifade, O.S., de Leeuw, P.N. and Kera, B.S. (1990). Effects on forage yields of oversown Stylosanthes spp. in sown pastures at Shika, Nigeria. J. Animal Prod. Res. 10:31-39.
  3. Onifade, O.S. and Akinola, J.O. (1990). Effects of nitrogen and cutting management on the performance of Rhodes grass/stylo swards. J.Anim. Prod. Res. 10:41-48.
  4. Omokanye, A.T. and Onifade, O.S. (1993). Effect of storage and scarification time on seed germination of Centro (Centrosema pubescens). Seed Research (India) 21: 21-25.
  5. Omokanye, A.T., Amodu, J.T. and Onifade, O.S. (1995) Effect of post scarification storage period on seed germination of Leucaena leucocephala. Seed Research (India) 23:88-90.
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  7. Kaleja, V., Tarawali, S.A., Peters, M., Onifade, O.S. and Schultze Kraft R (1996). Collecting indigenous forage legumes in northern Nigeria. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter. 107, 31-35.
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  17. Onifade O.S., Adu I.F. and Akinola J.O. (2002). Effect of stocking rate on Rhodes grass/stylo pasture in Northern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria. 2. Plant and animal performance. Nig. J. Anim. Prod. 29: 55- 63.
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31 Oni A O, Onwuka, C F I, Oduguwa, O O, Onifade O S  and Arigbede, O M (2008). Utilization of citrus Pulp based diets and Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.Griseb ) foliage by West African Dwarf goats. Livestock Science,117:184-191.

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