Idowu, M.A: Publications


(i) M.A. Idowu (2005). An Investigation into some factors affecting Quality and Storage Characteristics of “orunla” {okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)} powder. Ph.D Thesis, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso.

(ii) M.A. Idowu (1998). The Use of Pre-gelatinized Maize flour in Baking,M.Sc. Thesis. Department of Food Science and Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

(iii) M.A. Idowu (1979). Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) Production from Cane Molasses. B.Sc. Thesis, University of Ife (Obafemi Awolowo University) Ile-Ife.

Books/Monographs and Chapters in Books

(iv) S.V.A. Uzochukwu, C.F.I. Onwuka and M.A. Idowu (Eds.): “Food Security and Survival of Food and Agro-allied Industries in the next Millenium”. Proceedings of 22nd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology, 23rd – 26th November, 1998. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Vol. 1: Technical Papers.

Articles in Learned Journals:

(v) I.A. Adeyemi and M.A. Idowu (1990). Evaluation of pre-gelatinized Maize flour in the development of ‘Maissa’ – a baked product. Nigerian Food Journal 8:63 – 73

(vi) M.A. Idowu, I.A. Adeyemi and M. David (1993). Sensory Evaluation and Nutrient Composition of weaning food from pre-gelatinized Maize-sweet potato mixtures. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 44: 149 – 155.

(vii) M.A. Idowu and S.A. Akindele (1994). Effect of Storage of Cassava roots on the Chemical Composition and Sensory Qualities of gari and fufu. Food Chemistry 51: 421 – 424.

(viii) M.A. Idowu, A. Oni and B.M. Amusa (1996). Bread and Biscuit making potentials of some Nigerian Cocoyam Cultivars. Nigerian Food Journal 14: 1 – 12.

(ix) L.O. Sanni, M.A. Idowu and B. Taiwo (1999). Production and Storage of Foam-mat dried Tomato Powder. West African Journal of Food and Nutrition 2 (1): 54 – 59.

(x) M.A. Idowu, O.O. Atanda, M.O. Bankole, S.V.A. Uzochukwu and O.O. Olaewe (2002). An Assessment of the Status and Product Quality of Some Bread-making Industries in Abeokuta. Asset Series B 1 (1): 61 – 6.

(xi) T.A. Shittu, S.O. Awonorin, L.O. Sanni and M.A. Idowu (2002). Dry Milling Characteristics of Dried Cassava Chips as Related to Moisture Content. Journal of Applied Science and Technology 2 (1): 13 – 18.

(xii) Babajide, J.M., Atanda, O.O., Idowu, M.A. and Lasekan, O.O. (2003). Microbial and Sensory Quality of Freshly Processed and reconstituted “Kunnunzaki” – A Nigerian millet based beverage. Asset Series A 3(2): 115– 121.

(xiii) Babajide, J.M., Idowu, M.A. and Lasekan, O.O. (2003). Effect of soy and wheat variation on the functional and sensory properties of cassava – soy –wheat noodles. Nigerian Food Journal 21: 23 – 25.

(xiv) M.A. Idowu, A.B. Idowu and M.F. Faseki (2004). Nutrient Composition and Processing of the Variegated Grasshopper Zonocerous variegatus (L) (Orthoptera: Pryrgomorphidae) for Human Consumption. Nigerian Journal of Entomology 21: 65 – 70.

(xv) Fetuga, G.O., Idowu, M.A., Sanni, L.O. and Bamiro, F.O. (2008). Effect of enzyme clarification on chemical, physical and sensory properties of Mango (Mangifera indica) Juice. Nigerian Food Journal 26(1): 42 – 53.

(xvi) Sobukola, O.P., Awonorin, S.O., Idowu, M.A. and Bamiro, F.O. (2008). Chemical and Physical hazard profile of ‘Robo’ Processing – a street-vended melon snack. International Journal of Food Science and Technology 43: 237- 242.

(xvii) Kusimo, O.O., Henshaw, F.O., Olayiwola, I.O. and Idowu, M.A. (2008). Chemical Composition of rice-cowpea flour blends and sensory attributes of steamed product. Nigerian Journal of Nutritional Sciences 29(2): 51-65.

Papers accepted for publication

(xviii) Oladimeji, O. and Idowu, M.A. (2007). Effect of air pollution on concentrations of lead, cadmium and chromium in roadside foods in some major towns of South western Nigeria. Asset Series A (In press).

(xix) Shittu, T.A., Idowu, M.A. and Ademosun, O.O. Production of dried starchalbumen powder: effect of temperature and starch on some functional properties. Journal of food processing and preservation (Accepted August, 2007).

Paper peripheral to the area of discipline

(xx) Idowu, M.A. and Adetoro, R.A. (1999). Achieving National stability in Nigeria through self-sufficiency in Food Production. Arts and Social Sciences forum Journal 1 (1): 71 – 78.

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