Adekunle, M. F: Publications

In Learned Journals

1. Oluwalana, S.A. and Adekunle, M.F. (1998): Forestry plants roots in household Nutrition and health in Abeokuta, Ogun State, J.Trop. For Forest resources 14 (1) 120-136. [Abstract]

2. Oluwalana, S.A., Adetoro, N.F. and Adekunle, M.F., and Momoh, S. (1991): The use of Biopesticides indigebous cropping systems in Ogun State, Nigeria. The bioprospector Vol. 1. No. 2 (Sept. 1991) pp. 1-10. [Abstract]

3. Adekunle, M.F., Oluwalana, S.A. and Onadeko, S.A. (1999): Wild animal products in food sand traditional health management is Omo Forest reserve, Ogun State, Nigeria. Journald of Tropical; Ethnoforestry 2(1)23-33. [Abstract]

4. Oluwalana, S.A., Adekunle, M.F. and Momoh, S. (1999): Indigenous uses of Ficus expaperata Linn. In Ogun State,d Nigeria.. The Biospropectus (1): 29 – 35.

5. Adekunle, M.F. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2000): Forest insect biodiversity. Utilization as traditional foods in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. [Abstract]

6. Adekunle, M.F. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2002): Utilization of forest plant leaves in Omod Forest reserve, Ogun State, Nigeria. The Ogun Journal of Agricultural Sciences (OJAS) 2:238-253.

7. Adekunle, M.F., Ojo, L.O. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2002). Environmental resources utilization: A case study of forest plants in traditional healthcare in Ogun State, Nigeria. Int. J. of For. Usufrfucts. Mangt. 3 (172): 19-24. [Abstract]

8. Aduradola, A.M., Adekunle, M.F. and Abubakar, U.D. (2004): Socio-economic assessment of afforestation efforts in Sokoto State, Nigeria. BOWEN Journal of Agriculture. Vol.1(2) 145-151. [Abstract]

9. Adekunle, M.F., Oluwalana, E.O.A., and Moustapha, H. (2004): The contyributioin of some Non-timber forest Products (NJTFPs) to household income in Filinghue Lcocal Government Area (LGA), Niger Republic. Nigeria Journal of Forestry. 34 (1) 14-21.

10. Adekunle, M.F. and Sam-Wobo, S.O. (2004): Ethnbotany and prioritization of Forest Plants used in traditional treatment of Guinea worm. (Dracunculus medinensis Linn) infections in Ogun State, Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Forestry 34 (2). 71 – 80.

11. Adeosun, F.I., Adekunle, M.F., and Onadeko, S.A.(2005): Population Structure and indices of breeding in some wildlife species deposited for sale at bush meat centres in rain forest region of Ogun State. Applied Tropical Agriculture (ATA). Vol. 10 (2) pp. 60-64. 2005.

12. Adekunle, M.F., Shotuyo, A.L.A. Momoh, S. and Moustapha, H. (2006): Survey of Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs (MPTs) for agrogorestry development in Niger Republic. Bowen Journal of Agriculture. Vol.3 (1) March 2006: 21-30. [Abstract]

13. Oluwalana, E.O.A. Adekunle, M.F., and Ayeni, A.A. 2007. Sales of medicinal forest tree barks in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. African Research Review (Department of Pedagogical Sciences. Bahir Dar University. Ethiopia) Vol. (1) 67-77.

14. Aina, O.M., Adetogun, A.C. and Adekunle, M.F. (2007): Promoting private sector participation in lumber kiln seasoning plants. Journal of Environmental Conservation and Research. Vol. 2 (1): 15-24, 2007.


1. Adekunle, M.F. (2006) Chapter 5: Effective wood utilization that tends to zero waste in Ogun State, Nigeria. In Oludimu, O.L. (eds) 2006. Forest, People and Poverty Alleviation published by Ogun State Ministry of Forestry, Oke-Ilewo, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Pp. 10-19. [Abstract]


1. Adekunle, M.F. and Agbaje, B.M. (2006): Measuring and analyzing urban forest cover in University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria permanent Site (UNAAB PS). Journal of Tropical Forestry,(Society of Tropical Forestry Scientists, Polipathar-India). Vol.22 (1&2) (In press). [Abstract]

2. Adekunle, M.F., Adedokun, M.O. and Adedoja, A.A. (2007): Willingness to pay (WTP) for environmental services of forest trees by corporate organizations. FAMAN Journal, Vol.8 No.2 (2007); in press. [Abstract]

1. Adekunle, M.F. and Oluwalana, S.A. (2003): Forest insects and food importance in owo Ondo States In: Non- woods News, An FAO Information bulletin on Non-wood Forest product (NWFP) pp. 58-59.


1. Adekunle, M.F. and Adebayo, K. (1997): The significance of socio-economic survey techniques in biodiversity management. In: proceedings of biennial conference of the Ecological Society of Nigeria. Ogunyemi, S.and Ojo, L.O. (eds). University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Pp. 201 – 208.

2. Adekunle, M.F., Momoh, S. and Oluwalana, E.O.A (2003): Economic valuation of Environmental resources for sustainable management. A case study of Arakanga Forest reserve. Ogun State, Nigeria. In: Proceedings of 11th Annual conference of EBAN held at FUTA. 26th -27th Nov, 2003. Pp. 145-151. [Abstract]

3. Adekunle, M.F. Soaga, J.A. and Oluwalana, E.O.A. (2003): Economic and ethno medicinal values of some forest plants in Omo forest reserve Ogun State, Nigeria. In: Adekunle, V.A.J et al (eds) proceedings of 11th Annual conference of Environment and Behaviour Association of Nigeria (EBAN) held at Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria (FUTA) 26th Nov. 2003. Pp 156-162. [Abstract]

4. Akinyemi, A.A., Adekunle, M.F. and Udolisa, R.E.K. (2003): The major significance of Non-Timber Forest products (NTFPs) on fishing activities in Ogun State. In A.A. Eyo and Ayanda, J.O. (eds) proceeding of the 17th Annual conference of Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) on 26th Nov. 2002 Uyo, Nigeria. Pp. 28-32.

5. Adekunle, M.F. and S.A. Oluwalala (2004): Forest plants in Traditional Healthcare in Owo Local Government Area Ondo State, Nigeria. Implications for tertiary level curriculum and Non- (eds) 2004. Rebuilding Africa Capacity for Agricultural development. The role of tertiary education. Proceedings of a symposium on Tertiary Agricultural Education, April. 2003. ICRAF, Nairobi, Kenya. Pp 227-232. [Abstract]

6. Aina, O.M. and Adekunle, M.F. (2004): Socio-economic Assessment of Sawmilling and Sawmailing wastes for sustainable Environmental Resources Management in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. In: Adeofun, C.O. et al (eds) Proceeding of 12th Annual Conferenced of EBAN, held at UNAAB 24th – 26th Nov. 2004. Pp. 27-30. [Abstract]


1. Adekunle, M.F., Oluwalana, E.O.A. and Sogaolu, I.O. 2007: Economic evaluation of forest land use for small holder farming in University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. University of Zambia Journal of Science and Technology, Zambia.

2. Adekunle, M.F., Oluwalana, S.A. Aklilu Nigustic and Mengisteab Hailu. (2007): Exploratory survey of forest` plants in traditional treatments of guinea worm infections GW1 (Dracunculus medinensis linn); experiences from Nigeria and Ethiopia. African Researchw Revidew, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. [Abstract]

3. Adekunle, M.F., Momoh, S. and Agbaje, B.M. (2007): Valuing urban forests: the application of contingent valuation method (cvm) to the campus trees of Abeokuta, Nigeria. Biological Society of Ethiopia Journal, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. [Abstract]


1. Adekunle, M.F., Oluwalana, S.A. and Fasinasi, A.O. (2003): Cost and compensation issues in protecting a Peri-Urban Forest in Ogun State, Nigeria: A case of study Arankanga Forest Reserve. Paper Presented at XII World Forestry Congress. Sept. 21st – 28th, 2003, Quebee, Canada.

2. Adekunle, M.F. and Aluko, A.P. (2004): Growth response of Terminalia super seelings to Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers and their combination in a less fertile soil. Paper presented at the 29th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. December 6th – 10th, 2004. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

3. Adekunle, M.F. and Agbaje, B.M. (2005): Pricing of urban forest tree environmental service functions in University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Paper presented at 2nd Annual Conference of Nigerian Society of Environmental Management, 5th to 8th 2005 University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

4. Adekunle, M.F. and Sanni, I.O. (2007): Monetization of environmental service functions of forest trees for sustainable environmental in a developing economy. Paper presented at the 17th Annual conference of the Biological Society of Ethiopia, 23rd to 24th Feb. 2007. Faculty of Science, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

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